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Jeff Tuohy Raises Hell with New Orleans Flair in New Single "The Devil's in New Orleans"

Jeff Tuohy is no stranger to a long haul and his new single "The Devil's in New Orleans" is the product of years of distillation. The alternative rock song is a testament to the strife experienced in the last year and Tuohy's inherent belief in a uniting force of all people. The track exclusively premiered on Music Crowns. Streaming & download link First coming onto the scene with a stunning debut just before the 2008 financial crisis, Tuohy was forced to choose between his education or his art- wisely, he chose the latter. As the lead single on his upcoming album Hudson Delta, "The Devil's in New Orleans" is a primer for his unique sound that can be described as jazz-infused rock, country, and alternative. “I don’t know where God is, but the Devil’s in New Orleans,” croons Jeff Tuohy in the sultry new single, a smooth masterpiece combining elements of various genres to create a beautifully chaotic sound. Reminiscent of an 80s rock song, Tuohy transports the listener to the dark streets and lonesome alleys of New Orleans. The song, different from anything else being released in the country and rock genres, is refreshing to the ears. In his raspy, versatile voice, Tuohy ranges from belting, to whispering, to light singing, showing off his impressive vocal range. Any listener looking to expand their horizons should look out for Jeff Tuohy. He brings it all to the table: grit, originality, tradition, soul, and spunk. "The Devil's in New Orleans" Written by Jeff Tuohy Produced by Brian Forbes and Jeff Tuohy Mixed by Brian Forbes Mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound Engineered by Brian Forbes and John Roper Pre-production by Jeremy Goldsmith, John Roper, and Jeff Tuohy Recorded at Braund Studios (Brooklyn, NY), ADIM Productions (Brooklyn, NY), On Deck Studios (Northfield, CT)

Connect with Jeff

Jeff Tuohy is a Billboard Award-winning songwriter and rock musician based in New York City. Hailed by Writer’s Boneas “one of the best up-and-coming songwriters in North America,” Tuohy brings a style of music known as Hudson Delta to produce “a high level of musicianship and pop songwriting expertise” (Amplifier Magazine) with "a little bit of grit and a whole lot of soul" (Newport Mercury).

A “daring and multifaceted” performer (Hartford Advocate), he has toured nationally across 41 states. His debut album, BREAKING DOWN THE SILENCE was featured on 120+ radio stations in North America and ranked a D.I.Y. Pick of Performing Songwriter magazine. The new record, HUDSON DELTA follows the success of his sophomore release, COCOON which featured the New Orleans-themed, under- ground favorite, BOURBON STREET.


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