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JoLivi Releases New Single "Vinyl" TODAY! Check Out Our Interview with the Songstress

We are so excited about your new single "Vinyl" that released TODAY, Friday, March 9th. Can you give us a little background on the song?

This song is really just about having fun! So many of my songs have been about heartbreak and trying to find love, but sometimes a girl just wants to have fun! Experiencing moments that are classic and unfiltered.

You worked with Mark McKee on your last single and this one. What is best part of working with him and what have you learned?

The best part about working with Mark is that we have a very sibling esque relationship, so he knows a lot about me personally. He understands how emotional I can be and he uses that as a way to push my songs lyrically. He has taught me a lot about painting a picture in a song and not just going with what first comes to mind.

Do you remember your first, “Vinyl?”

I don't know if it was my first memory of a vinyl, but it's the one that stood out. Album name: Debut, Artist name :Bjork and my favorite song was "Big Time Sensuality!" I loved everything about Bjork!

Are there plans to tour this year?

There is always talk about touring... that is and will always be at the top of the list. I will definitely be announcing new shows on socials so stay tuned!

What’s your dream venue to play and why?

Easy!... Madison Square Garden. Since I was a little it's been a bucket list item for sure. Probably the number one item on that bucket list lol. The artists that have performed there are the best of the best.

What do you do on your day off?

I like to catch a spin class down in the Gulch. Sometimes I will hit the golf course, hang out with friends, or just relax at home. Fast food of choice.

It's not often, but when I do it's for sure TACO BELL!!!

What food can’t you control yourself around?

Pasta pasta pasta!!.. ALL DAY lol

Do you like to cook at home, or prefer to eat out?

Growing up in Hawaii we rarely ever went out to eat. I remember when I went to college my friends and I went out to eat as much as I could get them to go. But now, I would prefer to cook at home.

Where do you get your recipes? Any favorite cookbooks?

"Cravings: Recipes for All the Food You Want to Eat," by Chrissy Teigen. What a wonderful and fun cookbook, with such a variety of culture. I love love love the Super Tuna Melt recipes. So many places that make tuna melts or even just a tuna sandwich always forget the sweet pickle relish, it seriously makes a huge difference. OHHH and the tomatoes with the melted cheddar!!.. LIFE!!

Have you ever had any complete cooking failures at home? (I do it all the time, but they make for funny stories, at least.)

OH MY GOSH YES!! I don't know if I would say it's really a"cooking fail," but it was for sure a kitchen/cooking fail LOL. I put four eggs in a pot to boil then went to my room, got on the computer, and started down the rabbit hole of recipes on Pinterest. I don't even remember how much time had passed but all of a sudden, I heard this explosion-like sound. Immediately I ran into the kitchen and the eggs had over boiled and literally exploded everywhere. EGG-EVERYWHERE!

If you designed your own walking food tour of your favorite city, which restaurants/food sellers would be on your list of places to visit?

I have only been in Nashville for five months, so I am excitedly just getting to know the food scene, so I am going to have to go with Honolulu! There is so much great food in my hometown!

- Helena's Hawaiian food for your go-to Hawaiian classics

- The Pig and The Lady for the best modern Vietnamese

- Rainbow drive-in a local place with great plate lunches

- The Food Company in Kailua Hawaiian Cafe

- The Original Roy's in Hawaii Kai for upscale Hawaiian fusion cuisine

- Kokonuts Shave ice- The best ace bowl on the island or anywhere for that matter. lol

- Buzz's Steakhouse - a more laid back steakhouse with an amazing surf n turf menu and the most amazing crafted cocktails

What is the one place you have always dreamed of dining?

I would love to taste the street food of Thailand and venture the sushi world in Japan! What is the craziest thing you've ever eaten?

My friend took me to this Dim Sum restaurant in Los Angeles and she had me try chicken feet. Yea.. not a fan lol. What’s your go-to drink when out with friends?

Whiskey.. Always whiskey! Love a good wheat beer or a nice glass of Chardonnay. Finally, if you could be sponsored by one food/drink brand who would it be and why?

Okay don't laugh, but I love hot dogs! If the Oscar Meyer Weiner truck wanted to follow me on tour, we would have hot dog and beer parties every night!

About JoLivi:

Born and raised in the Hawaii Islands, JoLivi's love for country music started at a young age. While some may not correlate country music and the aloha state, the rural landscapes and laid-back lifestyle emulate everything we love about the genre. JoLivi caught the music bug at a young age and quickly began singing wherever she had a chance. After graduating with a Theatre degree from Colorado State, JoLivi decided it was time to make the move to LA to pursue her music career full time.

While in LA, Jo Livi had the opportunity to open for artists including Andy Grammar, Gavin DeGraw, Lindsey Stirling and more alongside the release of four singles garnering more than 670K views on YouTube and 20K streams on Spotify. Her vocal chops turned critics heads with Perez Hilton stating she possessed 'star potential' and alt radio stations around the US spinning her singles.

Now residing in Nashville and working closely with Johnny Garcia (Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood), JoLivi has released two country singles "Take a Shot" and "Crooked Crown" with the music video for "Crooked Crown" in regular rotation on The Country Network. With 'the contemporary appeal of Maren Morris, vocal strength and uniqueness of Melissa Etheridge and the grit of Bonnie Rait' (Country Music Tattle Tale), JoLivi is gearing up to release her brand new single entitled "Vinyl" on March 9th.

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