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Josh Grider Interview on "GOOD PEOPLE" and Good Eats!

New Mexico native, country artist, and family man, Josh Grider, has a new album, GOOD PEOPLE, slated for release on March 2nd. We chatted with him recently to dish on the new album and of course good cookin'! Pre-Order Here!

Thanks for chatting with us! So, do you prefer cooking at home or going out to eat?

Cooking, without question.

Have you tried any food delivery services like Hello Fresh and Marley Spoon or are you more of a Uber Eats and Postmates kind of guy?

More of the uber eats kinda guy, but if I’m not cooking, I like going out and experiencing a restaurant.

What is your favorite music to listen to while you cook?

Depends on what I’m cooking, but jazz is always great. Kind of Blues, Miles Davis particularly.

Any similarities between putting together a good meal and making a good record? Is drawing out flavors in ingredients like capturing sounds from instruments?

Absolutely. Maybe more like writing a song…you are going to take some components that you and nearly anyone else have access to (language and music for a song, ingredients for a meal) and put them together in your own way to create something for someone else to consume. And if you do it right, they won’t forget…and maybe even ask for it again!

When touring what's your 3 Michelin star fast food restaurant... aka the one you will travel out of the way for?

I really like Jimmy John’s.

Have you ever eaten two meals at the same restaurant in the same day?

See above.

Is there any place you haven't been to eat that you have always wanted to?

Oh wow, that’s a long list. Off the top of my head…the Palm in LA, Kane Prime here in Nashville, the best Italian food in whatever town I’m in… I love eating at cool new places I’ve never been to.

You are getting ready to release Good People in March, tells a little about the album.

It’s a country record about real life, or at least my real life. It’s got some hope on it that I’d love to have translate in what can be kind of hopeless times. It’s one of the most honest albums I’ve made. I’m very excited for it.

Where do you draw your inspiration from when writing music?

Typically from personal experience. It's easier for me, however on this album this crazy world around us has had a little bit more input.

Aside from working on new music, do you have any other projects you are working on?

I’m a husband and a dad, so when I’m not doing the music thing I’ve got my hands full at home.

Finally if you could be sponsored by one food/drink brand who would it be and why?

I enjoy a Maker’s Mark bourbon from time to time…that might be nice! Or if could be guaranteed a Blake’s Lotaburger (NM burger chain) in every town…that would be nice too.







“The hardest thing for people to admit about themselves is that they’re going to change,” says Josh Grider. The country stalwart knows, because he’s done it himself. When you release eight albums, tour the country and abroad, sign publishing deals, top the Texas radio charts, and start a family all in just over a decade, you’re going to come out different than when you went in.

On upcoming new record GOOD PEOPLE, the New Mexico native turns the lessons he’s learned so far into an impressive collection of catchy, substantive country tunes — the kind that draw parallels between Grider and artists like Kacey Musgraves and Steve Earle. But Grider delivers them with a smooth neo-traditional baritone to rival Joe Nichols and melodic hooks that, when they hit you just right, feel timeless on first listen.

Lead single “Good People” is the perfect example. Written with longtime collaborator Bobby Hamrick and James Slater (who has hits with Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney, among others), “Good People” is Grider’s reminder to himself that, no matter all the tragedy we see on our TV screens, there are so many good people outnumbering the bad.

Slated for a March 2nd release, GOOD PEOPLE is beautifully understated, warm in delivery, and not afraid to embrace melancholy. It’s the kind of record that could, and should, redefine a career.


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