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Josh Kelley Releases New Single & Video, “Busy Making Memories”

photo - Justin Hackworth

“In a doorframe of this lived-in home there is a pen hanging from a string, there lies the tale of a husband and a wife steady growing up their family,“ singer-songwriter Josh Kelley sings on “Busy Making Memories,” a deeply personal track that solidifies his spot as a contented family man. The single and video are out today, inspired by Kelley’s kids on New Year’s Day.

"I realized how lucky I am to be able to capture these memories and having these great moments watching them grow up and to be present in their lives,” Kelley told Billboard. “It just came out, almost like I wasn't in control of the song.”

Kelley and his wife, Katherine Heigl, turned the video into a family affair, collaborating on concepts, editing and directing the accompanying video that features treasured family memories and adventures on their family’s ranch. Kelley produced and engineered the single himself; in fact, he creates most of his music in a barn that he’s converted into a studio.

Since the release of his last album of original material, 2016’s New Lane Road, Kelley and his wife welcomed their third child; on his upcoming album, due in June 2020, Kelley solidifies himself as a talented vocalist and lyricist while tapping into the details of an everyday family.

He’s watching his kids develop their own personalities and continuing to find new reasons to love his wife after close to 15 years together. He’s missing it all when he’s away from them. He says, outside of his family, the one other constant in his daily life is singing.

Growing up in Augusta, Georgia, Kelley absorbed R&B, soul, and vintage country, while also developing an affinity for classic rock. His musical family would often sit around their piano creating songs. When he was 12, his older brother accidentally left his guitar at home when he headed back to college -- a month later, he was covering Led Zeppelin songs. The rest is history.

Kelley will embark on a spring tour in support of “Busy Making Memories,” with additional dates to be announced soon.

Tour Dates:

March 5 - New York, NY - City Vineyard

March 6 - Boston, MA - The Haymarket Lounge at City Winery

March 8 - Philadelphia, PA - The Loft at City Winery

March 19 - Atlanta, GA - City Winery

March 20 & 21 - Augusta, GA - The Country Cub Dance Hall & Saloon

March 22 - Nashville, TN - City Winery

April 5 - Salt Lake City, UT - The State Room

April 16 - Denver, CO - Globe Hall

April 19 - Los Angeles, CA - The Hotel Cafe

April 29 - Chicago, IL - City Winery

April 30 - Indianapolis, IN - Lo-Fi Lounge

May 1 - Cincinnati, OH - Ludlow Garage

May 2 - Columbus, OH - A&R Music Bar


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