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Joyland Shifts from Donuts to Their Signature Hand Pies

Sean Brock’s Joyland in East Nashville is bringing back their signature hand pies

Always plated warm, Joyland will be serving a limited amount of just 25 hand pies each day, made fresh in-house every morning. Originally featured on Chef Sean Brock’s episode of Mind of a Chef with Lisa Donovan, the current Buttermilk Hand Pie features Cruze Farm buttermilk custard stuffed inside a house made vinegar pie dough. The Joyland team starts by baking the custard first and letting it set, helping to achieve a caramelized crust flavor. As guests take their first bite, they can expect a rich, sweet buttermilk flavor complemented by the acidity of lemon. The team will change up Joyland’s hand pie offering seasonally, so be on the lookout for the next flavor.


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