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Nashville, TN (March 24, 2023) - Country music singer/songwriter and recording artist Justin Colvard recently released his new single "Breaker Breaker 1-9." You can listen to the song HERE!

With entertaining lyrics like I'm dodging scales, I'm overweight, I can't afford the fine, "Breaker Breaker 1-9" combines traditional country music with the relatable tale of life on the road.

“I’ve always wanted to write a truck driving song," Justin recalls. "When writing this song, I wanted to be able to connect with all truck drivers. They are a staple in our everyday lives. I think we, as humans, take a lot of things for granted. Without drivers, we wouldn't have our much-needed food, furniture, feed for our animals, etc. So, thank you for being you and doing what you do. Being a road-dog isn’t easy."

About Justin Colvard: Justin Colvard was a 10-year-old in Allen, Texas, when he first picked up the guitar. After establishing a love affair with making music, he followed many other country hopefuls by relocating to Nashville, TN. Colvard worked at the world famous Nashville Palace, where he was cast to be in a Toby Keith music video for “Honkytonk U.” When Nashville turned cold for him, Colvard moved to Brighton, Mo., where he and his father founded The Taste of Texas Band, which opened for Miranda Lambert. Now that he and his family are official Gulf Coast residents, this country singer-songwriter has been busy showcasing his album "Barstool Confessions" and his single, "Hard Times," at live performances. "Barstool Confessions" provides some insights into Colvard's take on modern country. While this album still has a rock edge, more sensitive ears can collect pieces of traditional country through the arrangement. In 2017, Justin had his first Top 100 on Texas Country Radio with “Alcohol,” followed by his second Top 100 in 2020 with “She Played Me Like A Hank Song."

In November 2022, Justin was asked to play in the 2022 Frank Brown International Songwriters Festival, held annually down on the Gulf Coast. He just recently partnered with Beachilly Lifestyle as a Brand Ambassador (use code JC10 at checkout to save 10% off of total purchase). On March 24, 2023, Justin released his latest single "Breaker Breaker 1-9." March 24th also marks his nine-month anniversary of being sober. "So many great things have happened since being alcohol-free," Justin explains. "I want people that are struggling to know that they are not alone." You can find Justin playing anywhere from Gulf Shores to Panama City Beach nightly. For more information, visit and follow Justin on Facebook, Instagramand TikTok.


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