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KAREGAN Celebrate's the Release of Her New Single,"Snake" & Shares Her Snake Bite Cocktail Recipe

What is your favorite Halloween Candy? My favorite Halloween candy are Reece's Pieces! 

Where does Halloween stack up in the list of holidays for you? Halloween is my favorite holiday!!

 Favorite childhood costume? My favorite childhood costume was Katy Perry.

What is one tradition you had every Halloween? One of my favorite Halloween traditions is watching hocus pocus! 

Are you a pumpkin carver or painter? I am a determined pumpkin carver (but I'd probably be better off painting one haha)

Do you have any plans for this Halloween? This Halloween I will be celebrating the release of my single, "Snake."

KAREGAN's Snake Bite Cocktail Recipe:


Pomegranate Juice


Garnished with red food coloring and an Orange Peel colored with edible black food coloring spray

Promising new talent Karegan has built a following with her unique style that effortlessly combines the Classic Rock styles of Def Leppard and Bon Jovi with the 90s Country feel of Shania Twain, creating a sound all her own.  

She says it best: “I want to tell a story with my music like Country, make people want to dance like Pop, and have everyone jumping out of their seats from the energetic Rock elements.” 

The former Floridian turned soon-to-be Belmont University grad will showcase her style and captivating vocals on the upcoming release, “Snake.” With all-star producer Bill McDermott (Brett Eldredge, Michael Ray, Billy Currington) at the helm, the anticipated project is out Friday, October 25th.


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