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Lent-Friendly Dishes at The Gulch’s Premier Seafood Spot, Marsh House

Cauliflower Steak - Photo Credit Marsh House

The season of Lent commences this Wednesday, February 26th, and there are some delicious Lent-friendly dishes at The Gulch’s premier seafood spot, Marsh House. Those abstaining from meat on Fridays can still enjoy an array of sumptuous dishes including Cauliflower Steak with piquillo sofrito, garlic cream and Marcona crumb; Crawfish Bisque; Scallops with wilted greens, squash, pickled mirliton and brown butter crumb; and Alabama Blue Crab Fingers with nuoc cham and peanuts. The restaurant’s stellar raw bar offerings are a great way to indulge without sacrifice and include ceviches, tartares and crudos, as well as raw oysters and the not-to-be-missed seafood towers like “I’m on a Boat.”

Address: 401 11th Avenue South in Nashville

I'm On A Boat - Credit: Mayter Scott

Scallops: credit Mayter Scott


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