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Black Sheep Label duo Luke and Kaylee are welcoming in the season with a swaying new summer bop - perfect for those lazy days floating down the river or laying by the pool - “Nothin’ Like That Girl," which was featured three times by Radio SoBro yesterday as an exclusive "World Premiere."

The upbeat new tune perfectly complements the husband and wife’s seamless harmonies as they sing about a standup guy who is head and shoulders above the rest and plays no games in chasing the girl of his dreams. In the sunny new track, he tries his best to convince his new crush that he’s nothing like most guys and isn’t shallow and selfish like the guys in her past, and won’t take her for granted or hurt her. The undeniable chemistry the two share shines through in the buoyant new single, produced by Zach Swon and Colton Swon.

“The song really is a catchy, play-on-words anthem,” says Kaylee. “It talks about how he will always be there for her, and how he’s nothing like the other guys she’s maybe experienced, and he reassures her that he will be there to listen and love her throughout the ups and downs of life. We wrote it during quarantine. We had been writing every day and were trying to experiment with new sounds and concepts. Sometimes to push ourselves out of our comfort zone, we like to try and write for artists we love, but with a "Luke and Kaylee" flare. We jokingly said we should try to write for Post Malone with a country feel. For fun, we gave it a try, and "Nothin' Like That Girl" is what we came up with! We absolutely fell in love with it, lyrically and melodically. We chose to record it because the lyrics ring true to who we are as a couple. We also feel that many people can relate to this song and it's always great for the listener to understand and feel what we feel. It's also a really fun song to play live! We can't wait to share it with the world!”

“Nothin’ Like That Girl” is available now at all digital and streaming outlets. Luke and Kaylee are currently playing a string of dates in the Florida Panhandle through the end of May.


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