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Lynchburg Music Fest Headliner, Easton Corbin, Talks Festival Foods & Upcoming Performance

Thanks for talking with us Easton! What are you looking forward to most headlining the inaugural Lynchburg Music Fest Friday? It is going to be fun. It is cool because it is close to home and we don’t get to play close to home much. So that will be refreshing for sure.

Are fans going to be able to meet and talk with you during the festival? Yes, we are going to be out there hanging out and having a good time.

What songs are you most excited for old and new fans to hear? Probably some of my new songs. I mean obviously I am always excited for them to hear the hits, but I have some great new stuff we have been working on.

Where did you find inspiration for your current single, “Somebody’s Gotta Be Country?”

I first heard that song awhile back and I said, “Man, this song is really who I am, where I come from, and it is how I grew up.” It just really inspired me. It’s “A Little More Country Than That” part two.

There is quite a lineup this year! Do you plan on catching any shows while at the festival? Yes, I always try to get out and catch some of the other shows. Of course you are doing your own thing out there so you get busy, but I try to catch a little in-between all that. I am looking forward to it.

Did you go to many festivals growing up? What was the first music festival you attended as a fan? I remember Joe Diffie and Travis Tritt playing in Ocala, Florida. There are quite a few great music venues down in Florida. I grew up going to Suwannee River Jam and remember seeing George Jones play Sliver Springs.

Festival camping: fun or torture? You know I never did any festival camping. Honestly because I always lived pretty closed to the ones that we went to. So I always went home. But I am sure it would be fun.

Since its taking place in Lynchburg, how do you prefer your Jack Daniels? I like it straight.

We love your “Easton Eats” episodes and music festivals go hand in hand with food! What’s your favorite festival food? Funnel cakes are hard to beat.

Best food on a stick? I like corn dogs or chicken on a stick is always good. If you had a food stall at the festival, what would you sell and what would you call it? Ohh I don’t know, I have never thought about it. Probably BBQ or something like that cause BBQ is hard to beat at a festival. Let’s call it “Easton Eats.”

Any last words for our readers and your fans? We are looking forward to it. We have a lot of great music and are going to have a good time.

For more information on Easton Corbin:

About Easton Corbin American Songwriter says, "Easton Corbin has one of those rare, glorious voices that was made—just made—for singing country music.”With two No. 1 singles, 7 Top 10 singles and multiple awards and nominations, plus performances on some of the biggest stages in the world including performing on one of the biggest and most talked about tours in country music-Carrie Underwood’s The Storyteller Tour, Easton Corbin continues to make a lasting impression and leaving his footprint on country music. The Florida native is lauded for his unapologetic and unwavering traditional country sound, authentic lyrics and mastery of understatement. An accomplished songwriter in his own right, Corbin has always been just as talented on picking great songs from some of Nashville’s best songwriters.

Corbin has built a catalog of signature hits that include some of the most played and well-known songs in country music including “A Little More Country Than That,” “Roll With It,” “Lovin’ You Is Fun” and “Baby Be My Love Song” from his No. 1 debuting album About To Get Real. His emotional “Are You With Me” was the most added song at radio the day it was released. His most recent single “A Girl Like You” landed at No. 3 on the country singles chart and garnered rave reviews. Taste of Country picked it as a Critics Pick saying, “It takes a fraction of a second to know Easton Corbin is on to something different with “A Girl Like You.”

Corbin’s fans have been loud and eager for new music. The avid outdoorsman has been holed up, hard at work in the studio working on new music. The first single, “Somebody’s Gotta Be Country,” is already garnering attention and is proving to be another hit and he has more where that came from.


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