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M.L.Rose Craft Beer & Burgers celebrates 10 years in Nashville

M.L.Rose Craft Beer & Burgers will celebrate its 10th birthday in December with a special offer for guests, announces Austin Ray, owner. Enjoy a classic cheeseburger, waffle fries, and any draft beer for $10 at any of the three locations. The offer is valid during lunch, dinner, and late night service from December 1st through December 23rd.

“It was important to me to offer a great deal on the cheeseburger that so many of our guests fell in love with as a ‘thank you’ to everyone we’ve served over a decade,” said Ray. “Come any time we’re open, to any location, and get our classic cheeseburger, waffle fries, and any beer you’d like on the tap wall for just $10.”

M.L.Rose Craft Beer & Burgers (then Melrose Neighborhood Pub) opened on December 9, 2008. The resulting neighborhood watering hole, located at 2353 8th Ave South in 8th Ave/Melrose, became a ‘third place’ – a comfortable spot to unwind & socialize outside of the home & office.

“The decision to open M.L.Rose came about because I wanted a place to hang out with my friends in the neighborhood where I lived, and I learned that I wasn’t alone in that desire,” said Ray. “Back in 2008, the Melrose neighborhood of Nashville was on the verge of transformation and in need of a great neighborhood bar. M.L.Rose from day one has been a friendly, comfortable place for friends and neighbors to get out without getting fancy. We’ve grown along with the city, and now offer three neighborhood locations where we share our love of good beer and burgers with guests.”

The combination of great burgers, fresh pub food and a focus on the emerging craft beer market spurred rapid growth, as well as the second M.L.Rose location at 4408 Charlotte Avenue, which opened in 2012. The third location opened in late 2017 after M.L.Rose became the first retail tenant to come aboard at Capitol View, a 32-acre mixed-use district at 431 11th Ave North.

The craft beer menu at M.L.Rose is well-known to craft beer lovers for its thoughtful, expansive, and diverse menu, with roughly 100 beers available at each of the three locations at any given time. Each location offers 34 local and craft beers on tap featuring an array of styles from Nashville & beyond. The menu is divided into categories by flavor, and the friendly, knowledgeable staff can help narrow down the choices from there. To date, more than three million beers have been served at M.L.Rose locations.

“This wasn’t always the case,” said Ray. “Our first beer menu was a sheet of green copy paper with many of the same beers everyone else was carrying. Nashville started to take interest in craft beer, and we grew and adapted along with what Nashville wanted, not to mention a bona fide personal love affair with craft beer. The ‘a ha’ moment for me was when Fat Tire first became available in the market & we sold more than anyone else in Tennessee for over a year.”

The craft burger menu also adapted throughout the past decade. Today, neighbors enjoy a burger menu ranging from traditional to crafty, all made with 100% Angus beef that is always fresh, natural, and hormone/antibiotic-free. All burgers are served with a pile of crispy, signature waffle fries. The menu is rounded out by simple pub food including indulgent sandwiches, top-voted nachos, as well as fresh, crisp salads and wraps.

“While we have a variety of craft burgers that have become standouts – like the NashVegas or the Belgian – we had to go with a classic cheeseburger for our birthday,” said Ray. “It was on the original menu – the fan favorite I built our menu around.”

M.L.Rose is owned and operated by Austin Ray as part of the A.Ray Hospitality, a Nashville-based hospitality group that also owns and operates Von Elrod’s Beer Garden & Sausage House, The Sutler, Melrose Billiard Parlor, and newly opened Rambler Cocktail Bar. For more information, visit


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