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Marigold Gourmet Popcorn to Give Back with Nashville Humane Association

Marigold Gourmet Popcorn is Teaming Up With The Nashville Humane Association By Creating a Limited-Edition Puppy Caramel Chow Flavor With Proceeds Benefiting NHA

Credit: Marigold Popcorn


On February 1st, Marigold Popcorn is launching a limited-edition popcorn flavor in collaboration with the Nashville Humane Association, with 20% of proceeds benefiting NHA. The exclusive flavor will be available for one month both online and at Marigold Popcorn, located inside L&L Marketplace. Hand-made by owner Lindy Veltum, the popcorn will feature caramel corn, milk chocolate drizzle, peanut butter chips, and a dash of powdered sugar.


February 1st - March 1st.


Marigold Gourmet Popcorn, 3820 Charlotte Avenue, Suite 125, Nashville, TN, 37209


Marigold Gourmet Popcorn is known for its inventive flavor combinations from Nashville Hot to Everything Bagel and Rosemary Kettle. Founded by Lindy Veltum, the West Nashville retailer designs and creates every flavor in-house, and is quickly becoming a sought after destination for unique gifts, popcorn parties and special celebrations.


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