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The mysterious Marija Droze releases her emotional new single “Ghost of Your Memory” today across all music platforms. Marija describes this powerful tune as an eerie yet melodic reminder that a lost love can be hard to forget. To stream and download, click the Airplay direct link HERE or download on iTunes HERE. In “Ghost of Your Memory,” Marija showcases her ability to tell a story through music with a sincere passion that keeps you enthralled from the first note to the last. This magical number highlights masterful harmonies and unrivaled musicianship from Billy Droze and his band Kentucky Blue, along with musicians Justin Moses and Jason Roller. Marija Droze is not your typical bluegrass artist. Born and raised in Lithuania, a young Marija found comfort in classic country and bluegrass tunes, which was a widely unknown genre of music in her small European town. She studied and performed music all over Europe before meeting her husband, fellow recording artist Billy Droze, and moving to the United States.  The couple have created multiple projects together, with the most notable being the hit song “Raging Rivers,” which topped out at No. 5 on Bluegrass Today’s Weekly Airplay Chart. Additionally, Marija’s previous single “Listen to Your Heart” debuted at No. 7 on Bluegrass Today’s Weekly Airplay Chart and was listed as one of the Top 30 Bluegrass Songs of 2019. ABOUT MARIJA DROZE Marija Droze was born in the small Eastern European country of Lithuania. There was always a spiritual beckoning toward music from as early as she could remember. Some of her earliest musical influences were not typical of a small-town girl in that part of the world. She found solace in genres foreign to her surroundings, she identified with artists that were completely different and somewhat unknown in that day, time and place. Among these artists, topping the list was and is Emmylou Harris, and she quickly discovered more American singers that fueled her passion, such as Dolly Parton, Alison Krauss, Johnny Cash, Keith Whitley and the list goes on. Marija spent the better half of her life studying music in some of Europe’s top music universities where she honed her skills as a vocalist, classic pianist and majoring in music theory. At the tender age of 13 she began to exhibit her learnings playing anywhere bluegrass and traditional country music was accepted. You can imagine there wasn’t a plethora of platforms, but that didn’t discourage this budding songstress. Fast forward seven years at a festival, and as fate would have it, she would meet the love of her life, who also was deeply involved in the music she admired. Her now-husband of nine years, Billy Droze, a very accomplished artist, was on tour, and Lithuania just happened to be one of the stops. The couple went on to create multiple projects together, with Marija lending her angelic harmony and lead vocals. Their most notable is the hit song “Raging Rivers,” which stayed on the Bluegrass Charts for more than a year, topping out at No. 5. This classic duet with her husband introduced her nationally into the genre of bluegrass music. For many years, Marija spent most of her time raising babies and supporting Billy in his career, but she still had dreams of giving life to her own music. She has made many contributions, including her first few singles “Listen to Your Heart” and “Daydreaming Kind.” As for her future endeavors, she said “The rest is up to God and I’m just thankful to make music and for it to be heard. A lifelong dream that is finally coming true.” For more information, follow Marija on all social media platforms. Keep up with Marija Droze by following her on Facebook


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