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Michael Lishchynsky of Bourbon Steak Nashville Dishes on This Weekend's Atlanta Food & Wine Festival

The 2019 Atlanta Food & Wine Festival kicks off in just two days!! Can you tell we are SO excited! We caught up with Michael Lishchynsky of Bourbon Steak Nashville to talk about what he looks forward to most!

Photo Credit: Emily Dorio

Why did you want to get involved with the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival? I did the Food & Wine Festival in Jackson Hole, WY last year and had an absolute blast. When I was asked to do the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival there was no way I was going to pass it up.

What events will you be featured? The Tasting Tents on Saturday.

Do you like meeting foodies at festivals? For Sure! I love talking and meeting new people in general, so when you throw in someone who has a passion for food it’s even better.

Is it good to talk to chefs at the festival and swap ideas, or are you a secretive bunch? I like talking to other chefs. You can say I’m an open book when it comes to swapping or sharing ideas. In the end, if a chef likes something enough then they will figure out how to make it no matter if you share it or not.

What sets Atlanta apart from all other cities, food-wise? This will actually be my first time to Atlanta, so I’m pretty excited to see what the city has to offer. From what I have been told, Atlanta is a melting pot of chefs from all over and then you toss in that southern hospitality it seems like it would be hard to not get sucked into it.

Any new Atlanta restaurants or chefs on your radar that you're looking forward to checking out? Lazy Betty

What is the best music to cook to? There’s no real answer to that. I listen to almost everything. I could be listening to Wu-Tang one day then LCD Soundsystem the next. 

Do you stream Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, or classic tapes/cds/vinyls? At home I listen to Vinyls, but at work I steam Apple Music.

Who are some of your favorite musicians? Lately I have been listening to  LCD Soundsystems, Cherub, Wu-Tang, Glass Animals, Pretty Lights…

Do you have music playing in the kitchen at home and is it different than in the restaurant? Music is always on at home. Even when my wife and I leave, the music in house playing for the dogs to listen to while we’re not there. At work I like to listen to music and let the cooks choose what we listen to.

Finally what's one tip you can give festival goers? Have fun and don’t be scared to talk to chefs! We’re not like what TV sometimes makes us out to be (crazy angry people).

For the full lineup, including Learning Experiences, Master Studios, Dinners and Events, visit For those traveling from out of town, the Festival will be headquartered at the Loews Hotel in Midtown Atlanta. Reservations can be made by calling the hotel directly and referring to the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival Room Block. For more information on travel and lodging, visit

About Atlanta Food & Wine Festival

Launched in 2010, by Atlanta entrepreneurs Dominique Love and Elizabeth Feichter, the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival is a four-day culinary experience dedicated to shining an international spotlight on the rich food and beverage traditions of the South from Texas to the District of Columbia. With an Advisory Council of 71 award-winning talents from 13 Southern states and the District of Columbia, the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival is one-part conference and one-part party, offering carefully-crafted programs and events to entertain and educate consumers about Southern food and drink.  The Festival also celebrates the flavors of other Southern regions around the globe including Southern Europe, South Africa, South America, Southern Hemisphere (Australia and New Zealand) and South-of-the-Border for Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and the Caribbean. The Atlanta Food & Wine Festival is a member of the IWSC Group North America’s portfolio of events.  Atlanta Food & Wine Festival returns to Midtown Atlanta Thursday, May 30 – Sunday, June 2, 2019. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit

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