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Misty Dawn Releases New Single “Bless Your Heart”

Nashville, TN – Show Country singer/songwriter Misty Dawn recently released her new single, “Bless Your Heart.” You can listen to the song HERE!

“Bless Your Heart” delves into Misty Dawn’s sassy side with lyrics like you can preach a verse or two and say I’m gonna pray for you, and pull your sweater tighter when I leave the room.

Oh honey, bless your heart. If you’ve ever heard this saying before, you know it’s not necessarily nice,” Misty Dawn explains. “Southerns have a particular brand of being passive-aggressive and this saying is one of them! I wanted to write a song that flipped the script on the Judge-y McJudgersons. I really love this song too because it’s sort of an anthem for the modern woman who doesn’t want to fit into the norms of what society expects.” 

About Misty Dawn: Say goodbye to Bro-Country and hello to SHOW COUNTRY. Since the age of six, Texas native Misty Dawn has been performing in professional theatre and television productions. From hosting a video game review show on TV to being one of the puppet-artists-in-residence at St. Anne’s Warehouse for a season, Misty has a knack for exploring the art of storytelling. With a Theatre degree, several off-Broadway productions, and a few international tours under her belt, it’s no surprise that’s she’s infused her theatrical upbringing into her music. In fact, she’s calling her unique brand of country Show Country as it mixes elements of musical theatre, soul country, outlaw country and Americana into her music. While her sound harkens back to a classic country era and she looks to join the ranks of the Ameripolitan crowd, her message is anything but traditional. Misty takes a no-nonsense approach to re-writing the topics women typically sing about with songs about traditional female roles, poking at the holes in religious and political establishments, and embracing a brazen, sexually empowered version of a woman.

While early influences include RebaCrystal GayleShania Twain and Jo Dee Messina, Misty looks to artists like Margo PriceKacey Musgraves and Brandi Carlile as beacons.

Misty’s current project, Mountains, is her first project as a solo artist. Previously, she’s vocally supported NYC artists Matt Singer and Jay Mankind on their albums and performing alongside them at classic NYC spots like RockwoodUnion Hall and Pianos. She also lends her vocal harmonies to Denver artist Daryl Purpose on his upcoming album. She wrote the titular track in honor of her father, Gary who is no longer on this Earth but who passed on his love of the mountains and his love of singing to Misty.

For more information, visit and connect with Misty on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.


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