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My Cup Runneth Over | Book Signing at The Hermitage Hotel in Nashville June 11th

On June 11th at 1pm, The Hermitage Hotel will host the book launch and signing of Mary Binkley Williams’ Nashville inspired memoir, “My Cup Runneth Over.” Born and raised in Nashville, TN, “My Cup Runneth Over” shares Williams’ life story. Throughout her life, Williams has had held a role as a wife, mother, model, actor, and entrepreneur, and has documented it all for her memoir. Known as a jewel to friends and family, Williams is characterized by her contagious smile and laughter, her impeccable memory, her values, and most notably, her Southern accent.

Williams had been a friend and guest of The Hermitage Hotel since 1929. The time she spent at The Hermitage Hotel and the memories she fueled her desire to write a memoir for her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. From her first stay at the hotel as a child to her 85th birthday celebration, the hotel holds a large significance in her life. The book launch will be held in the lobby, where books will be available for purchase and Mary will be in attendance to sign books and speak more about her memoir. No tickets necessary, and refreshments will be available.


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