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Entertainment Veteran and Wellness Beverage Brand Will Bring the Visual Product to Life With Cross Promotions for Everyday Consumption.

My Jam Music Network and Ghost Beverage, Inc., the health and wellness beverage brand, announced their joint venture forming a multimedia entertainment company, GTV. My Jam Music Network founded by writer, producer David S. Zucker, is a new 24-hour music channel created by musicians, for musicians and their fans. GTV will be a hybrid of social media, sports, game shows, cooking and cars. The goal of the venture is to provide great exposure to independent content creators, writers and producers. To learn more about My Jam Music Network visit their website.

“The platform we are building will allow untapped talent to be seen on the big screen on the My Jam Music Network; while Ghost beverages will be able to host and promote the channels content on the beverage bottles with the Ghost technology”, said founder Ryan Carter, Founder of Ghost Beverages.

“Building a multimedia and product platform of this magnitude is the beginning of a revolution in the industry,” David Zucker said of the new partnership.

Ghost Beverage has been on the move recently closing several major deals including an 80,000 store distribution contract, and music distribution through Universal Music powered MondoTunes. GTV will serve as the entertainment and distribution arm for all of Ghost’s current and future media properties.

About Ghost Beverage: Ghost Beverage is a wellness brand producing tasty, natural and refreshing functional beverages that are enriched with the right amount of vitamins and other functional ingredients to allow the consumer to overcome the day-to-day challenges of a busy work life, both from physical & cognitive perspectives. Our aim is to help our consumers embrace life with performance and happiness: make every day better, easier and more productive by changing the way people think and drink.

To learn more about Ghost Beverages visit their website. Stay in touch with Ghost Beverages on social media platforms FacebookLinkedINTwitter and Instagram.

My Jam Music Network: My Jam Music Network is revolutionizing the music industry using multiple worldwide networks as a platform and 24-hour music channel created by musicians, for musicians and their fans. They have put together a system that is FREE for everyone to give the artist the exposure and resources they need to get the music out to the masses, gain fans and to go farther faster. Country, Rock, Metal, Alternative, Rap, Punk, Jazz, Rock Blues, or whatever genre, the music video will receive a fresh face and renewed vigor venturing away from the saturated and fragmented web video corner. My Jam Music Network ignites thought as to what is possible and establish an “open call” and viable venue for talented professionals to submit their work, be fairly chosen, be seen, and most importantly, overcome the looming obstacle associated with this profession, not having the right connections. They have created My Jam Music Network as a venue for artists to get their work out to the World and in front of the right people. They reach millions of viewers in 193 countries, providing a worldwide audience for artists in all music genres and can be found on the following streaming platforms and apps.

To learn more about My Jam Music Network visit their website. Stay in touch with My Jam Music Network on social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.


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