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Nashville Cocktail Festival - April 21-25th

Nashville Cocktail Festival returns for the 7th year in a row this April 21-25th. Tickets for the

2020 schedule, which includes 11 events, go on sale to the general public this Friday, February 21st and range from $25-$150. The 2020 schedule features the NCF Experiences throughout the week, which are smaller, intimate events allowing guests to meet the makers and go behind the bottle. The Experiences then lead up to the two Main Events on Friday and Saturday evening which allow attendees to experience the largest collection of Nashville’s cocktail establishments and sponsors under one roof.

Nashville Cocktail Festival is a production of the husband and wife cocktail creative PourTaste. Over the past 7 years, Jon and Lindsay Yeager have brought award wining authors and distillers to the festival week to support the continued education of the local cocktail community. Meanwhile, the Yeagers have brought memorable themed tasting events like The Art Deco Night and Polynesian Pop that can be enjoyed by cocktail novices and professionals alike. Though there are multiple cocktail festivals throughout the country, the focus can often be for bartenders only. The balance that PourTaste has found between industry and consumer has attracted the leading spirit brands we all know as well as new brands coming to Tennessee.

2020 Schedule

Tuesday April 21st

NCF Opening Party/ presented by Tom’s Town Distillery

6-9pm @ Bode

Help us ring in the 7th annual Nashville Cocktail Festival with cocktails, gifts, a documentary showing and more!

Wednesday April 22nd

Gin Master Class/ presented by J Rieger Co

12-3pm @ Noelle Hotel

After collaborating with one of the most important voices in the world of gin, former Master

Distiller of Tanqueray Tom Nichol, J Rieger’s Midwestern Gin has become an instant classic,

taking the cocktail community by storm. Join us to take the deep dive into gin and gain a

deeper understanding on production, recipes and more.

El Tesoro Tequila Dinner

6:30pm @ Dream Nashville

Join one of the most awarded tequila brands on the planet for a memorable evening at the

luxurious Dream Hotel! Guests will submerge themselves into the word of agave through

dinner, cocktails, tequila tastings and more!

Hey Hey Club: A Pop Up Jazz Bar/ presented by J Rieger Co

8pm @ Rudy’s Jazz Room

FREE EVENT*** Few recently launched brands have the history that J Rieger does. The owners of this Kansas City distillery have unearthed not only a pre-prohibition distillery, but also an entire category of whiskey long forgotten. Join us as we celebrate Kansas City’s contribution to cocktail history though jazz and lots of cocktails.

Thursday April 23rd

Porto: A Classic Comeback/ presented by Taylor Fladgate

11-2pm @ Hathorne

In the canon of cocktail history, port wine, or porto, sees a lot of action. Our founding fathers considered it a bedside necessity and the architects of American mixology considered it a staple. Modern times have reduced this Portuguese fortified wine to a simple after dinner drink but we think that should change. We anticipate a global comeback from the world of port, and we hope it starts here!

Certified Sherry Wine Specialist Course/ presented by Lustau

1-3pm @ City Winery

Join famed sherry producer Lustau for the most in depth and comprehensive class on this fortified wine category. Guests will immerse themselves in history and tastings and those who pass the test will receive their certification by mail!

Build Your Own Bottle/ presented by Pennington Distilling Co

6-9pm @ Pennington Distillery

The local legends behind Pickers vodka and Davidson's Reserve are at it again, inviting our NCF attendees to build their own bottle of bourbon! Don't miss this once in a lifetime, interactive event where guests blend their own whiskey, personalize the bottle guessed it, take it home to enjoy!

Woodford Reserve Bourbon Dinner

7pm @ Hutton Hotel

Join us for an in depth dinner as we learn from one of the benchmark bourbon producers

Woodford Reserve. The brand will walk us through their history and production secrets while

we enjoy flights, cocktails, live music, pinball and more!

Friday April 24th

The World of Demerara Rum/ present by El Dorado

11-2pm @ Chopper

Rum’s hot right now, and we all know it. But as countries like Barbados and Jamaica get all the attention, we can look back and see Guyana’s Demerara rum has been there the whole time. Through a century of tiki classics and more, it’s evident that this style of rum should be a staple at every American bar. Come taste, meet the master distiller and learn more about the exotic and historical World of Demerara Rum!

Art Deco Night

7-10pm @ The Parthenon

Through Prohibition, the 20's and 30's sent American bartenders all over the globe to find work and continue their craft. It's here that the American cocktail gets an often untold boost of creativity. Come celebrate the global spirits and ideas that bolstered the jazz generation!

Saturday April 25th

NCF Pool Party

1-4pm @ Dive Motel

There's just not much more to say about this one. Pool, party and unlimited cocktails. See you there.

Polynesian Pop/ presented by El Dorado

7-10pm @ Centennial Park (pavilion)

The Atomic Age brought Americans many things but none so much fun as the culture of Tiki.

The mid-century trend of island cocktails, outlandish garnishes and tall tales from the South Pacific are back in a big way and we're inviting you to join us as we raise our glass to the hippest in the cocktail kingdom.


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