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Nashville Duo, Dixie Jade, Shares Their Delicious Paleo/Whole30 Sliders Recipe

I started making this recipe the first time I went on the Whole30 about three years ago. Now it’s become one of my favorites and go to’s when I’m craving a good burger, or when I have non paleo eaters over for dinner because, who doesn’t love meat and sweet potatoes??  I will often double the recipe because they are too delicious and I want leftovers for the next day.  I’ve even made these and taken them on the road with us for a healthier late night option than pulling through whatever fast food joint is open. 

1 lb 80/20 ground beef (I usually buy organic) 

1 tsp salt

1 tsp pepper

1 small onion

About 1/2- 3/4 a small container of sliced baby bella mushrooms

1 TBS Whole 30 Worcestershire sauce (…(also it seems to keep forever so you can keep using it for other stuff)

1 TBS ghee (If anyone is not familiar with this, it’s clarified butter. If you’re not on Whole30, I sometimes swap this out for grass fed butter) 

1 egg

2 sweet potatoes , peeled and sliced into around 1/4 inch thick disks.

Extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper for the sweet potatoes to taste 

Paleo mayonnaise to go with:

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.  Take your sliced potatoes and drizzle (you don't need very much) extra virgin olive oil over the top, then sprinkle salt and pepper to taste and toss. When oven is finished preheating, put them in for 10 minutes a side, turning over after the first 10. 

Meanwhile chop up your onion and mushrooms pretty fine (they are going into the burger so you don't want big ole chunks. I usually get this done faster with a food processor).  Put a skillet on medium high heat with the tablespoon of ghee.  When pan is hot, throw in your onions first and begin to sauté, getting them a little browned and translucent.  When the onions are about 3/4 of the way cooked, throw in your mushrooms.  Theres no exact science to this but I like getting the onions and mushrooms brown and toasty to really bring out the flavor.  When they are finished cooking, throw them on a plate and spread them out to cool quickly.

While the mushroom onion concoction is cooling, throw your pound of meat, one egg, salt, pepper, and worcestershire sauce together in a bowl.  When the onions and mushrooms are cooled, throw them into the bowl as well and use your hands to mix everything up.  For sliders, take a heaping spoonful of meat to make into mini patties.  Every time I've done it I've gotten 9 sliders out of the mix.  Throw them into a nonstick skillet on medium low heat and cook on both sides until desired doneness is acquired.

When they are done, take your little slider, put a slice of sweet potato on each side, and slather with home made mayo and enjoy yourself!!!  And don’t worry, you can do a few extra squats tomorrow (it’s so worth it.)

With their own brand of Country Pop Rock, Dixie Jade blend their love for classic country and vintage soul with in-your-face pop radio production. A duo in every way, their music marries the strength of powerful vocals and bold guitar riffs with the sincerity of a reflective heart.

Andrea (lead vocals/piano) and Dominique (vocals/lead guitar) both from California and now residing in Nashville, have forged a creative partnership that is setting themselves apart and stamping their own mark on the country music scene.

Fierce and radiant – Dixie Jade have written hundreds of songs together and toured across the nation. Brad Paisley even took note of Dominique’s YouTube cover of his guitar instrumental “The Nervous Breakdown” with a personal shout-out on his Facebook page. They also had their cover of “Drift Away” with Karen Waldrup go viral on Facebook with over 5.9 million views.

The Dixie Jade live show is one of engaging high energy, radiance, and smoldering guitar riffs. They have opened for Thompson Square, Walker Hayes, and Love and Theft, in addition to performing at the Spotlight Stage at CMA Fest and the BMI Key West Songwriters Festival. They’ve also played countless shows in Nashville, including the legendary Bluebird Café, Whiskey Jam, and BMI’s Young Guns and 8 Off 8th. 

In November 2017 they released their first single “I Can’t Turn You Off” and their most recent single “Temporary Tattoo” has had over 133,000 plays on Spotify since release in June 2018. Their “Double Take” dual single was released on March 1st and they hav an upcoming EP release this Spring 2019.

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