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Nashville Pop Act, Fuel On Fire, Releases New EP, Them

Murfreesboro’s Homer Pittard Campus School choir is gearing up to celebrate their performance on the release of pop band Fuel on Fire’s EP, Them. The choir, under the direction of Stacy Ray, sang on the band’s rendition of the U2 classic “With or Without You.” Since they were kids born in Buffalo, New York, Ben, Edward, Joe and Kurt Doerfel, collectively known as Fuel on Fire have defied the ordinary. We caught up with the pop-rock powerhouse band to talk about their new music.

You have a brand new EP, Them that was released Today! Can you tell us more about it?

We’ve got a new original single coming out in a couple weeks, and while we were waiting for the mix engineer to finish up with it, we challenged ourselves to an experiment by taking a few cover songs we’ve loved and played for years, stripping them down, and re-imagining them as if they were our own. It all started with “Good Times Bad Times” by Led Zeppelin. We had so much fun with it and liked how they turned out so we decided to release them as the Them EP.

Which song off of your EP is the most dear to you and why?

Each song is special to us in its own way, but I would say it's a two-way tie between “Eleanor Rigby” and “Good Times Bad Times.” They both have such a unique sound and stray just enough but not too far away from the originals.

What made working with Murfreesboro’s Homer Pittard Campus School choir so special to you?

When we found out that they had agreed to work with us on the song we definitely had an idea of what it might sound like. When we set up to record and they sang their part for us for the first time I (Ben Doerfel – guitar/vocals) had complete chills and the hairs on my arms stood up! It sounded so iconic the way the gym reverb resonated and how the kids were singing, it was just magic!

What’s the best advice you have ever gotten from another musician or songwriter?

We haven’t been lucky enough to meet him yet, but Drew Shirley of Switchfoot is a hero of ours and he once said in an interview, “Don’t focus too hard on the things far ahead or you’ll miss all the great things happening right in front of you!” We try to work under that philosophy every day.

Can you remember your first trip to Nashville?

Yes! Our first trip to Nashville was in the Spring of 2015 to meet with who is now our manager. We drove from Florida with our van and trailer and played New Faces Night at The Basement. It was a blast, and we knew Nashville would be home for us before too long!

Do you have any favorite places to eat in town?

We’ve declared a band tie between PM and Pinewood Social.

You guys make a great group! If you could join any past or current music group for a day, which would you want to join?

Mutemath. They’re a perfect mix of rock and pop, with searing melodies and grungy drum beats. If they’re reading this, we’d like them to know we’re available to open on the next tour!

What radio station do you listen to in the car the most?

When in Nashville, discerning indie bands keep their dial tuned to Lighting 100.

Any last words for our readers and your fans? How do they connect with you?

Thank you to our fans for your support!

About Fuel on Fire

Since they were kids born in Buffalo, New York, Ben, Edward, Joe and Kurt Doerfel, collectively known as Fuel on Fire have defied the ordinary. They’re four siblings of a ten-kid family. They all started playing music in the family bluegrass band playing at fairs, festivals, and any other stage they could make a living on.

The family eventually settled in Key West, Florida and as they came of age they picked up electric instruments and began to evolve into the pop-rock powerhouse band they are today.

Before moving to middle Tennessee permanently in 2017, they spent a year making monthly trips to write with some of the best songwriter/producers in town including Zac Maloy (Daughtry, Plain White T’s, Carrie Underwood), Brock Berryhill (Twenty One Pilots, Halestorm), Robert Ellis Orrall (Taylor Swift) and Terry Sawchuk (Alanis Morrisette, Smash Mouth). Learn more at

About Homer Pittard Campus School

The Campus School enjoys a history steeped in tradition and a reputation of excellence. The school motto is “a legacy in teaching and learning”. Campus School is considered a school of choice with no zoning, bus service, or on site after school care. Rutherford County residents must complete an application for student admission. Applications are accepted on or after the child’s fourth birthday. This has since been amended to the child’s fourth birthday. Prospective students are placed and enrolled based upon a waiting list maintained by application date order. Priority consideration is given to children of Campus School faculty and staff as well as siblings of currently enrolled students. We strive for a gender and demographic balance during the student selection process. Campus School boasts of a small family-like atmosphere. The school structure consists of two classes per grade level for Kindergarten through fifth grades and reflects state requirements for teacher to student ratios with typical student enrollment averaging around 250 students.

The Campus School faculty is unique in that teachers serve in the dual role of classroom teacher and adjunct MTSU faculty. In 2013 the Ready2Teach initiative was fully implemented by the College of Education and the Residency I Teaching Candidate program became the school’s primary focus. Campus School teachers’ roles are to model innovative strategies and best practices in instruction that these future teachers can learn from and transfer successfully to Residency II (formerly known as student teaching) and eventually to a classroom of their own. As mentor teachers to Residency I Teaching Candidates, Campus School teachers work in collaboration with University supervisors to support candidates in the planning and implementation of lessons while also providing guidance and constructive feedback to continually improve and better their instructional practices. Additionally, University faculty from various courses and departments assign students opportunities to observe and/or teach a lesson at Campus School to meet course requirements. MTSU provides our students with other exciting opportunities through field studies, guest speakers, and MTSU faculty expertise. The Campus School truly values their MTSU partnership. Learn more at


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