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Nashville's First Augmented Reality Scavenger Hunt is Coming to Town

Centric Creative & mindmilk Bring Nashville Murals to Life Through the City’s First Augmented Reality Scavenger Hunt

Grand Prize Winner Will Receive $1,000 Cash Prize

mindmilk, a mental wellness brand owned by local creative marketing agency Centric Creative, will bring some of Nashville’s most iconic murals to life in its augmented reality (A.R.) scavenger hunt throughout September. This event is designed to give Nashville something safe and fun to do, all for free. The grand prize winner will receive a $1,000 cash prize.  The mindmilk Scavenger Hunt: Nashville’s Murals Brought to Life leads players through a story that spreads positivity, as it celebrates Nashville’s history, community and businesses. Giving a few clues away, Hatch Show Print and musician Drew Holcomb are participating in this incredible event. Players will uncover other local businesses and visit famous landmarks as they navigate through the game.  People can play by themselves, or make teams. Player(s) must have at least one smartphone with them with GooseChase App downloaded to play. Once the GooseChase App is downloaded just simply search mindmilk or mindmilk Scavenger Hunt: Nashville’s Murals Brought to Life to join the game and view the instructions. Each player that registers and earns at least 5000 points will be entered into a draw for the $1000 cash prize will take place on Oct. 2. “We created this unique mindmilk event to help conquer boredom and get people out of their homes safely, to have some free fun, and get to see this incredible community”, said Christy Beckwith, CMO of Centric Creative. “We partnered with the innovative thinkers at ROAR Augmented Reality and GooseChase, the leaders in ‘create-your-own’ scavenger hunts, so we could fully execute this unique experience that Nashville has never seen before.” For the mindmilk Scavenger Hunt: Nashville’s Murals Brought to Life, the team added A.R. elements to various murals around the city, bringing Nashville to life in a new and exciting way. The missions are structured outdoors to support local businesses and spread positivity- all while adhering to the COVID-19 safety guidelines. This event encourages Nashville to look beyond what the eyes can see and to embrace what makes this city so special: our community. “When quarantine started, our team was experiencing some interesting dreams”, said Beckwith. “We looked for an online community where people could discuss their dreams, find meaning and feel less alone. It didn’t exist, so we built one and called it mindmilk.” mindmilk’s dreamer community grew rapidly on social media, especially TikTok, where their dream interpretation and mental wellness videos have gone viral. The mindmilk Scavenger Hunt: Nashville’s Murals Brought to Life will run from Sept. 1-30. The game is free for all ages, and can be played alone or with your quarantine crew. The scavenger hunt is structured as play at your own pace, meaning that players can join the game and complete missions at any time throughout the month. For more information please visit:

About mindmilk:  Founded in 2020, mindmilk is a mental wellness brand based in Nashville, TN. mindmilk is a safe space for creators, dreamers and thinkers to learn more about the minds mysteries. mindmilk creates genuine conversations about mental health, specifically focusing on but never limiting itself to the aspect of dreaming. About Centric Creative: Based in Nashville TN, Centric Creative uses unique storytelling to create impactful content and experiences to build exciting brands. Offering innovative marketing support that relies on strategy and creative design to make #1 brands in their specific industry categories. Creating work that reaches the right audience, on the right platform, at the right time that delivers powerful results. About GooseChase: GooseChase is an online platform that takes inspiration from traditional scavenger hunts enabling organizations to create engaging, interactive experiences. Users of the platform from various sectors have created unique games for employees, students, event guests, and communities of all shapes and sizes. About ROAR Augmented Reality: ROAR opens the doors for brands to the endless possibilities offered by augmented reality technology in creating retail shopping apps and marketing campaigns. ROAR Augmented Reality is designed specifically around the needs of small businesses, brands and retailers and makes it simple to create and view augmented reality through the lens of smartphone devices. 


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