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The Nashville Beer Festival is going digital this year as we bring the beer straight to you while you stream the tastings with different breweries, guests, games, and band performances. On June 19th, we will host the first virtual beer festival in Nashville.

A case of 10 local and regional beers, packages of nuts and brewery swag can be picked up the day before the event. The case features beers from 10 different local and regional breweries. A video link will be sent to all guests and on Friday June 19th at 8pm, you can enjoy the guided tastings of each beer from their distinct brew master or ambassador in the convenience of your own living room. There will also be band performances and interactive games.

Here's an example of one of the tastings...

Pick Up

Pickups can be made at Marathon Music Works on Thursday June 18th from 4pm-8pm and Friday June 19th from 12pm-2pm. Address is: 1402 Clinton St, Nashville, TN 37203

Contents of The Package

The package contains 10 full beers & packages of nuts . It is made for 1-2 people. 1 person if you are a huge beer drinker and hungry person. 2 people, if you are a moderate beer drinker. The package also contains many swag items from the breweries involved. Please put your beer package in the refrigerator once you pick it up.

Virtual Video Link

A video link will be emailed to you the day before the event. The video is shown live at 8pm to 10pm as a premier with virtual chat. After 10pm, the video will still be active for 24 hours.


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