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Nashville’s sweetest companies launch collaborative desserts

Christie Cookie & Goo Goo Cluster, two longtime, beloved Nashville brands, have teamed up for a collaboration. Christie Cookie will feature a Goo Goo Cluster inspired cookie in its 12 South Shop, and Goo Goo Cluster will feature a Christie Cookie inspired premium in its downtown shop, for a limited run of October 10-31, 2018.

The Christie Cookie Goo Goo Cluster:

“The Christie” Goo Goo Premium is a 4oz milk chocolate confection filled with fresh chocolate chip Christie Cookie pieces, brown sugar marshmallow cream, and maple bourbon caramel.

Available exclusively in the Goo Goo Shop, 116 3rd Ave S in downtown Nashville, and online.

$7.99 per Goo Goo Premium

The Goo Goo Cluster Christie Cookie:

A classic Christie Cookie dough, made with real butter and brown sugar, is stuffed with more than enough pieces of chopped Original Goo Goo Clusters, bringing the classic combination of milk chocolate, marshmallow nougat, caramel & peanuts together in a perfect, chewy bite.

Available exclusively in the Christie Cookie shop in 12 South, 2606 12th Ave S.

$3 per 2.5oz Christie Cookie

About Christie Cookie: Christie Cookie was founded 35 years ago when it began as a simple storefront in downtown Nashville in 1983. Today, Christie Cookie employs more than 100 people and produces more than 75 million cookies annually for restaurants, hotels, bakeries, corporate gifts and cookie fans all over the country.

Christie Cookie operates a bakery storefront from its Germantown headquarters, 1205 3rd Ave North, where guests can visit and purchase freshly baked cookies, brownies and muffins, gift tins, coffee and branded merchandise. The shop opened in 2015, though Christie Cookie has been headquartered in Germantown for 18 years, where the company bakes and ships dozens of varieties of pre-baked and ready to bake cookies and brownies.

A second shop opened in summer 2018 in bustling 12 South, located at 2606 12th Ave South. The walk-up window offers a convenient stop for guests to grab their favorite cookies on the go. The shop also serves as the experimental bakery for collaborations, as well as the bakery for custom cookie cakes.

All Christie Cookie products are made with real butter, premium ingredients, like Madagascar bourbon vanilla, chocolate chips made from sustainably farmed cocoa beans, California raisins, Saigon cinnamon and macadamia nuts, and absolutely no artificial substitutes. Every batch of cookies is hand measured.

For more information, visit Christie Cookie online.

About Goo Goo Cluster: Goo Goo Cluster, America’s first combination candy bar, was invented in 1912 in a copper kettle at the Standard Candy in Nashville, TN. The unique confection is a roundish mound of caramel, marshmallow nougat, fresh roasted peanuts and real milk chocolate.

In 2014, Goo Goo Cluster, LLC opened the Goo Goo Shop, its flagship store located at 116 3rd Avenue South in downtown Nashville where Premium Goo Goos are made by hand daily in full view of visitors. The 4-ounce Premium confection comes in a variety of flavor combinations that rotate frequently. Visit for more information.


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