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New Menu Items Offered for Nashville Predators VS Winnipeg Jets Playoff Game Tuesday

The Nashville Predators will face the Winnipeg Jets in the playoffs on Tuesday, May 1. Centerplate is excited to share some of the great new food that will be available for Predators fans who are making the trip to Canada for the games! Check it out!!!

New for Round 2

The Shiver Chicken Cone – Breaded chicken bites in a waffle cone with a white kick'n ranch sauce

Whiteout Poutine – Fries , white cheddar cheese curds and a white béchamel cream sauce with a touch of heat.

Blizzard Pizza – garlic cream sauce, chicken, farmer sausage crumble, cheese.

Returning from Round 1

Winnipeg Whiteout Cocktail – Crown Royal, Coffee Liqueur (kamora), Milk, Maraschino Cherries, served in a 16 oz souvenir cup

Jet Blue – Vodka, Blue Curacao, Sprite, Lemon wedge, served in a 16 oz souvenir cup


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