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New Music Friday Review: Spencer Crandall's, 52 Eighty (Acoustic Mixtape)

We have found our new obsession: Spencer Crandall. He just released his new album, 52 Eighty (Acoustic Mixtape) today. It immediately shot to the No. 1 spot on the iTunes Country album chart. And for good reason! It’s an incredible body of work. The 10-song project is a collection of all original songs, including a beautifully stripped down version of his last single, “I Thought We Broke Up.”

Right out of the gate, the album hits you with the fun, pop-leaning track, “Nothing To Lose,” which will remind you of those summer nights from your youth when you didn’t have much to worry about. This stands out as the ultimate summer anthem. Halfway through, Spencer unveils his vulnerable side with the beautiful ballad, “On My Way,” which is a message to the future true love whom he has yet to meet. The song is sure to have hearts swooning all over the place.

Similar to the saying, “you have to kiss a lot of toads before you find your handsome prince,” Spencer follows “On My Way” with a heartbreak song, “You Know How To Hurt Me,” which reminds all of us that you’re going to experience heartbreak before you find that special someone.

His song, “Bad At Goodbye” is such a relatable track because there always seems to be that one person that you can’t say goodbye to, but no matter how hard you try - you just don’t work together.

Overall, Spencer’s album is fantastic. He proves the true depths of his songwriting talents and how he can effortlessly transition from a light, upbeat track to an emotional ballad. Go stream Spencer’s album and tell us what song speaks to you the most?


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