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New Music Monday

The start of another long week is ahead and after all the Halloween fun we had this weekend we need any boost we can get to jump-start our Monday. Luckily, we have tons of brand new country releases to jam out to. Check out the list below for your weekly playlist!

Luke Bryan - “What She Wants Tonight”

It’s nice to hear another new one from our favorite country guy, Luke. He’s back at it with another single that the ladies can’t help but love. He released the song with the music video below which is an unexpected adventure!

Old Dominion - “Smooth Sailing”

It’s here!!! We’ve been waiting patiently for this group’s third album and it has proved to be worth the wait. Featuring “Make It Sweet” and “One Man Band” there are tons of hidden gems on this record. Check out one of our favorites, “Smooth Sailing” below!

Canaan Smith - “Pour Decisions”

This may not be your typical work-week song, but boy do we love singing along. Learn all the words before the weekend, it will come in handy!

Granger Smith - “That’s Why I Love Dirt Roads”

This nostalgic, country filled song is a catchy and fun reminder of why we love Granger Smith. It’s great to hear new music from him.

Beyond The Sun - Shuffle Part 1

If you are looking for a new country group, look no further. The Canadian trio of brothers have released Part 1 of their two part album which can best be described as Coldplay meets Dan + Shay. Therefore, we are loving it!! Check out “Long Way To Go” below.

Jason Aldean - “Camouflage Hat”

From his upcoming 9 album, this is a classic, hard-working song from Jason. He knows how to capture the small-town fan and regardless of where you’re from you’ll find some bit of truth in this one.

Kendal Conrad - “Leader of the Pack”

We love a strong, country female so of course we are ending the list with one this week. Kendal Conrad is back with a killer tune that showcases her strength lyrically and vocally with pop-based beats to give it a real catchy quality.


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