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Nicky's Coal Fired To Host Weekly Instagram Live Cooking Demo

Chef Tony Galzin Hosting Weekly Cook Along "Italian Comfort Cooking With Chef Tony"To Bring Nicky's Coal Fired Recipes Straight To Your Home

Photo Credits: Nicky's Coal Fired

Local restaurant Nicky's Coal Fired aims to continue bringing their beloved recipes to Nashville during COVID-19. The Nations' Italian-inspired favorite will launch a weekly online cooking demo to Instagram Live every Friday, starting March 27th at 5:30 pm. Chef Tony Galzin will showcase a variety of recipes ranging from Nicky's favorites to what he and his wife, Caroline Galzin are enjoying at home. In hopes you'll join in and cook along, the restaurant's social media will host a Q&A every Monday to answer questions and announce the next recipe, so you can get ingredients ahead of time.

If you can't tune in, you can also find details for the upcoming cooking demo on their website here.

Fridays at 5:30 PM

Instagram Live on: 

Nicky’s Coal Fired, Nashville’s popular Italian restaurant, is known for their coal fired pizza, fresh antipasti menu and extensive Italian liqueur selection. Chef Tony Galzin has put together a rotating menu featuring homemade charcuterie, pastas, pizza dough and daily desserts including gelato and sorbetto. 

Nicky’s Coal Fired has quickly become a local staple and has helped pave the way for The Nation's to become a dining destination in West Nashville.

Photo Credits: Nicky's Coal Fired


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