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Updated: Jul 4, 2018

From Southern Classics to Vegan and Gluten-Free Options, PeachDish is Inclusive of Every Diet

The South is taking over – in kitchens across the country y’all! PeachDish, the farm-to-table meal kit delivery service, may be homegrown in Atlanta, but it’s available for shipping nationwide. Unlike many meal kit delivery services, PeachDish prides itself on cutting out the middle man. From farm fresh produce, humanely-raised meats, sustainable seafood, and organic goods and groceries, wholesome, southern products come to PeachDish direct from local artisans and farmers, and then direct to consumers. Whether your home is on the West Coast in California or the East Coast in New York, you can get a taste of the South delivered right to your doorsteps. “We are honored to be providing families across the United States with good, southern food,” said President Judith Winfrey. “We focus on purchasing directly from farmers and food producers to ensure the delivery of the freshest, most nutritionally dense ingredients to our customers.  I want people to cook meals easily and enjoy the results – a delicious meal that’s good for their bodies and good for the earth. If we can help improve the lives of our customers by providing nourishing meals and improving food experiences, we are doing our job.” The perfect fit for every cook and every diet, PeachDish customers can choose from at least nine flavorsome meals each week. Menu selections change often with six new meals introduced weekly and three new meals welcomed seasonally.  Prepare your belly fare such as Tinga Tacos, Butter Bean and Barley Bowl, Porterhouse Pork Chop, Chorizo and Spicy Greens Salad, and Pimento Cheese Burger are among options included in weekly menus. Taking into account the individual lifestyles of all, PeachDish provides a variety of meal kit options including gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, superfood, 35 minutes or less and ribbon series dishes, which highlight rare and unique ingredients, highest quality cuts of meat and advanced cooking techniques. “People are looking to live healthier and more efficient lifestyles, and we pride ourselves on being able to accommodate those lifestyles,” said Culinary Director Seth Freedman. “We make it a priority to listen to what our customers want and need, as we strive to continuously provide dishes for a diverse range of dietary preferences.” In combination with sustainable farming, one of PeachDish’s main missions is focusing on minimizing the environmental impact of its service by using as much recycled, recyclable, and biodegradable packaging as possible. Last year alone, 19,907 pounds of product was composted. Simply being a part of the PeachDish community helps environmental efforts all year round. “Our vision is to change the way we eat,” said Winfrey. “We want to make it extremely convenient to source food with integrity and ethics, to make it easier to cook at home in the kitchen and to gather around the table with loved ones. We are proud of the work we do and we are very excited for what is to come.” PeachDish meal kits are available for nationwide shipping, and available for pick up in metro-Atlanta Whole Foods. To view the current menu selection and market offerings, please visit PeachDish’s website at Photos, interviews, and boxes available upon request.

About PeachDish: PeachDish, a national meal kit service based in Atlanta, exists to nourish people's lives through good food experiences. They strive to have high standards: to be recognized as the industry leader in quality, creativity and customer service, and to be valued as a builder of transparent, innovative, and wholesome food systems. Their team of award-winning chefs create delicious, seasonal recipes for novice and experienced cooks alike with products and produce from local suppliers. PeachDish is also proud to be the first meal-kit business to offer a recycling program to reduce packaging waste. For more information about PeachDish, please visit


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