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Out today! Big Little Lions - Alive and Well

Check out:

"Our Turn" premiere at Mother Church Pew -

"With foot stomps, handclaps, and a tribal beat that carries fist-pumping lyrics and harmonies into the atmosphere, Big Little Lions encourage us to take it back, it’s our turn."

"Do Better" premiere at Glide Magazine -

"...heavenly harmonies... Acoustic guitar, piano, accordion and rhythmic hand clapping and tambourine elevate the emotional power of the song with layers of sonic texture."

"Kind" premiere at -

"sparse and dreamy Americana vibe"

"Unicorn" video premiere at Atwood Magazine -

"'Unicorn' is a beautifully melodic track in the spirit of indie-folk. Its haunting vocals fill the audio to the brim, inviting listeners into a cozy, quaint, and powerful world it has crafted. Think The Lumineers or Mumford and Sons if either band was made up of your very best friends: that’s the sound and warmth that Austin and Otten are in full control of. While making an intriguing political track, they have succeeded in fostering a sound of contentment and familiarity."

Indie folk-pop duo Big Little Lions are set to turn helpless apprehensions into hopeless optimism with their latest album, Alive and Well, a collection of songs that manage to capture this moment in time in a way only songwriters can. The group's third studio album, set for worldwide digital release on February 23rd release (Far Flung, via The Orchard), features 13 original songs that deliver their signature folk-pop shimmer with a hint of Americana twang and a new lyrical edge inspired by the growing polarity of our world.Alive and Well is currently available for pre-order in the iTunes store via

The album’s title track, released earlier in January as a single, is also an instant-gratification track and will be available for immediate download when a pre-order is placed; two additional songs will be delivered to pre-order customers before album release (“Find Your Tribe” on February 9th and “Static” on February 16th). In addition to the digital worldwide release, fans can get physical copies of the new album Fans can also check out the brand new video (directed by Greg Otten) for the first single and title track on B-sides and Badlands.

Big Little Lions’ most cohesive project to date, Alive and Well dances from songs that acknowledge human frailty and modern preoccupations to anthems of hope and resistance. It turns the duo’s illuminating songwriting to the tasks of buoying spirits, inspiring sing-a-longs, and lighting candles of optimism in difficult times.  Watching Big Little Lions on the stage, audiences will understand what the closing lyrics of “Alive and Well” proclaim so clearly, when people gather to share music, “love is all there is.” The duo will kick off its Canadian tour in Red Deer, Alberta on February 23rd, followed by over 20 stops north of the border. Big Little Lions will then head down to the U.S. for a run from Ohio down to Florida in the month of April. The U.S. tour dates will be announced soon.  Confirmed tour dates are listed here.

Background on Big Little Lions:

Big Little Lions is Helen Austin and Paul Otten, two successful songwriters and musicians who have also found collaborative success after joining forces in 2013. Since roaring onto the music scene, Big Little Lions has won an armful of awards for its work including first place in the International Songwriting Competition, Song of the Year in the John Lennon Songwriting Competition, and Ensemble of the Year at the Canadian Folk Music Awards.

With Austin based in Canada on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, and Otten based in Cincinnati, Ohio, the duo has been bridging geographic and cultural distances since their first collaboration when Otten produced Austin’s 2014 Juno-winning album Colour It. The legions of loyal fans they’ve gathered since agree: Austin and Otten have stumbled on a powerful musical chemistry. Big Little Lions has played renowned festivals including Shelter Valley, Islands Folk Fest, Mariposa, Summerfolk, the Alianait Arts Festival, the Paper City Music Festival, and the Vancouver Island Music Fest. The duo’s songs have also been featured across Canada on CBC and in the United States.


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