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Rising Singer-songwriter Matt Jordan continues the holiday celebration with the release of his latest single,"American Girl,"available digitally wherever you consume your music. Co-written with Kenny Johnson, the track was produced by Grammy-Award nominated Sal Oliveri. 

Matt explains: “I actually wrote 'American Girl' back in 2013. It was the first song I ever wrote for my then girlfriend, now wife. When I write love songs, they tend to come out super cheesy… but when I came up with the idea for 'American Girl,' I felt like I could do something with it without crossing that line. I wrote most of the first verse and chorus and then ran out of ideas, so I just started writing down things I loved about Jenna - her faith, her strength, and her heart. It was difficult to come up with any more parallels to America so I took it to my cowriter, Kenny Johnson, and he and I finished up the rest. He was really instrumental in the second verse lyric and the melody. We reworked some stuff in the chorus too that made it a bit more impactful.”

"American Girl"premiered exclusively onNashville Noiseand has since found playlist adds on Spotify'sNew Music Nashvilleand Whiskey Riff'sNew Music Friday

Matt will be performing the single acoustically on WSMV NBC's Today In Nashville as part of their at-home series on Monday, July 20th. Additionally, he will be performing an at-home live show across The Boot's social platforms on Monday, July 13th. 

The release is a follow-up to"Alive"and “Outskirts Of Grace,” which was described by Sounds Like Nashville as a “heavenly track” and “redemptive standout” that “puts Jordan’s commanding sandpaper vocal at the pulpit and backs it with a soul-stirring blast of gospel rock, adding up to a transformative anthem.” 

Preview"American Girl"HERE


He may not be much of a talker, but he’s got an awful lot to say. Matt Jordan may be a quiet guy in conversation but he more than makes up for it with his prolific storytelling through song. Described as having a “hint of Springsteen's restlessness and Petty's recklessness,” Jordan has already garnered the attention of American Songwriter, The Boot and The Shotgun Seat, but his humble roots began in the suburbs of St. Louis. Born to a family of singers, music was just a normal part of the daily family life. His parents raised him on the American classics, like Bruce Springsteen, Jackson Browne, and The Eagles, and those legends have had a major impact on his songwriting style. The future proves promising for the talent as he prepares to release even more new music by Grammy award-nominated producer Sal Oliveri.

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