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Rambler, a new bar, headed for the underground space at The Sutler in Nashville

The newest concept for A.Ray Hospitality will be Rambler, announces owner Austin Ray. The inviting underground cocktail bar will sit inside The Sutler Saloon and adjacent to The Melrose Billiard Parlor, all part of the historic Melrose development at 2600 8th Avenue South.

Rambler will be a standalone brand and destination, rounding out the three distinctively different venues to visit in Melrose. While details are still in development, Rambler will behave as a distinct “bar within a bar” for groups of all sizes to interact and enjoy creative, approachable cocktails.

“Across all of our brands, we focus on the ‘third place’ where people can unwind and socialize outside of their home and office,” said Ray. “A great bar should be fun and personable, and shouldn’t require too much explanation. Expect a cocktail menu worthy of exploring - but that doesn’t require a dictionary - in a memorable underground space. People in Nashville love to go out in groups, and we’re upping the ante on design and seating areas for different sized parties.”

The “cellar,” which was never officially named, had previously been used as a speakeasy bar and frequent private event space since The Sutler opened in September 2014. Since then, phase two of the Melrose apartment development on the same property has been completed, bringing a substantial increase in residents, as well as free surface and garage parking available to retail and restaurant guests.

“The residential density in the 8th Avenue/Melrose neighborhood has grown by leaps and bounds since The Sutler opened four years ago, and certainly since M.L.Rose opened across the street nearly 10 years ago,” said Ray. “As the cocktail and bar scene in Nashville becomes much more established, we saw an opportunity to use this space, which is an underground escape in the middle of a bustling area, to create a spot ideal for grabbing drinks and socializing. Building a brand new, standalone concept inside an existing venue like The Sutler is a great exercise in creativity for me and my team – we’re excited to finally give this space the attention it deserves.”

Rambler, The Sutler, and Melrose Billiard Parlor are owned by A.Ray Hospitality and Joe Parkes, Jr., David Parkes, and Gary Parkes of The Parkes Companies. A.Ray Hospitality is a Nashville-based hospitality group that owns and operates local restaurants M.L.Rose Craft Beer & Burgers, The Sutler, Melrose Billiard Parlor, and Von Elrod’s Beer Garden & Sausage House. For more information, visit A.Ray Hospitality online.


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