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Rising Artist, Canaan Cox,Takes us on a Tour of His Favorite Nashville Spots

It's no secrets Nashville is brimming with things to go and do and see. Each week a new hot spot or restaurants seems to pop up and is added to the latest "must-go" list. But where do artists like to frequent? We caught up with rising artist, Canaan Cox, to see where he likes to hit up when he is in town between tours.

1) ​You must go to Loveless Cafe for their killer biscuits. It's an iconic Nashville staple you don't want to miss.

2) ​If the weather is nice, take a walk through the fresh market and Bicentennial Park.​ The park is gorgeous and you get great views of the downtown skyline. ​

3) ​Nashville's got several great sushi spots, but I love ​grabbing some sushi on the second floor of Acme downtown and enjoy​ing​ the river side view. ​Not a sushi fan? They also have a killer brunch menu. If you want great food & a killer view, go to Acme.

4) ​I normally don't have much down time because I'm always on the road or playing shows in Nashville, so if you're town come see me play downtown. ​You can see all my show information on my website:

5) ​Looking for a sweet treat? Head to Five Daughters Bakery in 12 South. Their 100 layer donuts are to die for! You won't regret it! ​ 


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