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Ryan Garrett "Stronger With Two"

Ryan Garrett, a Texas-born, Nashville-weathered creative soul with his feet firmly planted in songwriting and performing, released "Stronger With Two" today, available on all music platforms here.   

Garrett pulls together a passel of influences in a unique way with atmospheric steel guitars and soaring melodies in "Stronger With Two," recorded at Hollywood Studios in San Antonio. It’s all delivered with a guy-next-door tenor that mixes angst and sensitivity.

Garrett may have been born and raised a proud Texan, but the singer-songwriter is as worldly as the most seasoned traveler — and it shows in his eclectic brand of country music. Hailing from the small town of Boerne, outside San Antonio, Garrett picked up his first guitar at the age 11, and with his mother's guidance, he started playing and writing his own songs. He first began touring the U.S. and Canada at the early age of 17 as the vocalist of a pop rock band from his hometown.

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