• Mary Ann

Ryan Hurd's "To a T" Goes GOLD

Rising country star, Ryan Hurd, was surprised with a Gold plaque last night in Nashville while rehearsing for his opening slot for Old Dominion on the Make It Sweet Tour. Ryan celebrated half-a-million units sold of his latest single, "To A T" with white t-shirt and gold-record-shaped cookies. This celebration is ahead of his new EP, Platonic, releasing this Friday, 9/20.

Ryan took to Instagram and shared a photo with the caption, "THATS RIGHT! Those are Gold Record cookies. And they taste just as good as my 14 year old self imagined. TO A T is GOLD. And I’m the luckiest dude in the world. Thank you to @sonynashville and @rcarecordsfor the surprise party today. I’d say that you have no idea how much it means, but you absolutely do. Dreams, baby. Sometimes they come true. THANK YOU"