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Nashville Ballet’s popular contemporary collaboration with singer-songwriter collective Ten Out of Tenn returns to TPAC’s Polk Theater October 18-20, 2018 to usher in the Halloween season. An original score is played live while the ballet’s company artists perform a captivating narrative alongside them. 

An instant hit after premiering in 2017, Nashville Ballet Resident Choreographer Christopher Stuart’s beguiling production returns to take viewers on a chilling journey through purgatory. As the protagonist encounters each of the cardinal sins, a live performance by the highly acclaimed artists of Ten Out of Tenn – Butterfly Boucher, Trent Dabbs, Gabe Dixon, Katie Herzig, Jeremy Lister, Erin McCarley and k.s. Rhoads – transports the audience to a realm where only the most sinister survive. Will the protagonist find a way to defeat his inner demons or will the temptations he encounters lead to depravity?

“This collaboration is a snapshot of what is happening now in the local arts scene,” Rhoads said. “Ours is a city that celebrates and thrives on creativity, and this show is such a beautiful culmination of that. There will be dance, theatre, songwriting, musicianship and storytelling all in one. That’s really what Ten Out of Tenn was striving for when it began 12 years ago – to highlight the magic that is happening in this little town in the middle of Tennessee.”

Originating in 2005, Ten Out of Tenn is a collective of musicians ranging from Americana to folk to rock to pop that was created to highlight Nashville’s diverse music scene beyond the country genre for which it’s traditionally known. The musicians (each with their own successful solo careers and fan bases) team up to produce compilation albums and tour as one band, taking turns both in the spotlight and collaborating all together on stage to display the breadth of musical talent Nashville has to offer in one evening.

photo by Karyn Photography

During this unique Ten Out of Tenn show, the artists will perform original music inspired by Stuart’s concept. Rhoads grouped the artists together to each create a song inspired by one of the seven vices explored in the ballet. Ten Out of Tenn musicians will perform the music along with a string quartet. The Seven Deadly Sins set list features: 

  • Pride (Can’t Bury My Weakness) by Butterfly Boucher

  • Greed (This Isn’t What I Got Into It For) by Trent Dabbs and k.s. Rhoads

  • Envy (If Every Wish Came True) by Katie Herzig, Amy Stroup and k.s. Rhoads

  • Sloth (I Feel It Too Much) by Erin McCarley and k.s. Rhoads

  • Gluttony (I Can’t Get Enough of Everything) by Jeremy Lister, Gabe Dixon and k.s. Rhoads

  • Lust (All That I Want) by Matthew Perryman Jones and k.s. Rhoads

  • Wrath (Like Thunder) by k.s. Rhoads

Choreographer Jennifer Archibald’s Superstitions opens the provocative evening. Born out of Nashville Ballet’s experimental series Emergence in 2017, and expanded upon since, Archibald’s work blends the precision, technicality and athleticism of tradition with contemporary dance styles in a look at the harrowing legends of the supernatural that have captivated countless generations. Superstitions continues to illuminate the vast wealth of talent in Music City with an innovative score by Nashville-based composer Cristina Spinei.  

Nashville Ballet is kicking off this fascinating production with Infernal Indulgence held October 10 from 6-10 p.m. at Bar Sovereign, 514 5th Ave. S, Nashville, TN 37203. For one night only, Bar Sovereign guests can enjoy a storied menu developed by Josh Whitfield. Just as the ballet’s protagonist encounters each sin, seven carefully crafted cocktails give patrons a taste of each vice before they come to life on stage at TPAC. The event is first come, first served with no cover charge. Cocktails may also be purchased in half-servings giving customers the opportunity to imbibe all the lascivious libations. Guests will also have the opportunity to interact with the musicians, dancers and choreographer behind this extraordinary work.

Purchase tickets for Seven Deadly Sins with Superstitions in person at the TPAC box office in downtown Nashville, by phone at (615) 782-4040 or The presenting sponsor for this production is Climb Nashville. A complete performance schedule and more information can be found at

photo by Heather Thorne

About Nashville Ballet Nashville Ballet is the largest professional ballet company in Tennessee. Nashville Ballet presents a varied repertoire of classical ballet and contemporary works by noted choreographers, including original works by Artistic Director Paul Vasterling. Nashville Ballet and the second company, NB2 (a pre-professional training company), provide more than 70,000 arts experiences to adults and children annually through season performances and its Community Engagement programming. Curriculum-based Community Engagement programs bring dance education to community centers, colleges, public libraries and public elementary, middle and high schools across the state. School of Nashville Ballet brings world-class dance instruction to students age 2 to 70.

Nashville Ballet receives public funding from Metro Arts, Tennessee Arts Commission and the National Endowment for the Arts. Contributions from local, regional and national institutional funders and community partners, as well as hundreds of generous individuals, provide ongoing support of Nashville Ballet’s mission-critical programs.


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