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Singer-Songwriter, Kären McCormick, Shares Love for Italian Food and New Music

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

Good Afternoon Kären ! Thank you so much for talking with us! What was a typical dinner

or family meal like for you growing up?

Thank YOU! My parents have completely different cooking styles being that my mom is from

Congo and my dad is from Minnesota. That meant we’d have anything from classic American

pie to cassava leaves and rice (my absolute favorite!). I’d love it because I do believe it made all of us so open to trying new foods, especially when we travel to new places!

For fun, can you give an example of a “typical day” of eating for you, whether you are

going out with friends or cooking at home.

Now that I live in Nashville, there are so many new restaurants to try just about every week! If I’m going out with friends I try to find a place I’ve never been. We recently we out to Loveless Cafe and the sweet potatoes are a MUST! I am always trying to improve my cooking skills, so for dinner I usually try to find a recipe I haven’t tried before and make it my own!

Tell us more about your love for Italian food!

One word: PASTA. It’s my weakness! I’d eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner. My favorite is a

shrimp alfredo with broccoli that my mom makes. It’s the best comfort food.

What’s on your pizza?

My dad thinks I’m completely boring because I am 100% satisfied with just cheese! But if I am mixing it up, I like mushrooms, feta cheese, and spinach.

Any recipe you want to share? (BTW your black bean enchiladas on Insta looked


Thank you! My recent obsession has been cauliflower mac & cheese. I found the best recipe for it on Headbanger’s Kitchen: I seriously think I like it more than original mac & cheese!

You recently released your fantastic self-penned new single "Dancing With Him Tonight."

Can you tell us more about the inspiration for it?

I am so proud of this single. It does tell a love story, but for me personally, it touches on

stepping out of your comfort zone. I’m not the world’s best dancer and I wouldn’t normally dance in public at all, but sometimes someone comes along who makes you want to do things you wouldn’t normally do, and that’s the story I wanted to tell with “Dancing With Him Tonight.”

What’s your advice for young artists trying establish a name for themselves? Especially

young females that may see you as a role model.

Find what makes you different and be unapologetic about it. When I think of the females I look up to, they are all different from each other. Maren Morris doesn’t sound like Kacey Musgraves and Kacey doesn’t sound anything like Carrie Underwood. There is room for you, there is room for them, because there is no one else who can be you.

What has been your greatest challenge in music business?

Giving myself grace. It can be hard to live in the moment and remember that small successes

ARE successes. Last year I had a goal of reaching 10,000 Spotify streams for my first single,

“Just a Song." Now it’s at 21,000 streams! I’m an independent artist and to know that people are listening is a milestone in itself for me.

What excites you most about the Nashville music scene right now?

I feel Nashville is opening its doors to other genres even more lately and I think it’s a good

thing. To grow as songwriters and musicians, we have to be willing to listen.

Can you remember your first trip to Nashville?

Of course! There was a lot less traffic, ha! It was 2012. I drove down with my father,

grandfather, and my brother. My grandfather bought me my first pair of cowboy boots. They’re white and I still love them just as much as I did that day. I played the Douglas Cafe and I remember wanting to get back here as soon as I could.

Finally, if you could be sponsored by one food/drink brand who would it be and why?

Snapple because I’ve never had a drink of theirs I didn’t instantly obsess over!


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