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Singer, Songwriter & Metro Nashville Police Sergeant Releases “Your Name” To Promote Healing

The Heartland Network Debuts “Your Name” Video Today

Henry Particelli Credit: Tim Sutherland

Singer, songwriter and current Metro Nashville Police Sergeant Henry Particelli has released “Your Name,” a song he penned to reflect an officer's perspective on the recent acts of social injustice across the nation. "Your Name" is currently available at AmazonApple Music/iTunes, Google Play and Spotify, and the music video will debut today, Thursday, August 6 at 2 p.m. E|P, on The Heartland Network’s Country Music Today block.

"I was on my way to work, and I was listening to a talk radio discussion about Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd's deaths," says Henry, who pursued a music career until he joined MNPD in 2010. "The song came together quickly, because these are raw emotions that all of us are feeling. I wanted to humanize the badge and let listeners know that yes, we hurt and feel the heartbreak and outrage. I hope it heals a few hearts."

The self-funded song and music video were recorded at the historic Sound Emporium in Nashville. Tim Sutherland and Ron Peterson of Pick 2 Productions produced and directed the simple yet moving video, which has a surprising and chill-inspiring ending. The video features members of Nashville law enforcement and first responders’ community. For Henry, it was imperative that he show the community connection in the visual format of the song, because that's ultimately where his intentions were directed when he penned "Your Name."

While personal to himself, Particelli almost didn’t record “Your Name.” Juanita Copeland, President/COO of the Sound Emporium, first offered the studio’s resources after she heard Particelli perform his song “We Are The Good Guys” at an officer’s funeral. She and Henry later co-founded The Good Guys Foundation to support families of fallen officers and assist officers who have sustained career ending injuries. Copeland also serves as production assistant for Trisha Yearwood and played “Your Name” for the country star’s iconic husband Garth Brooks. 

Juanita shared: "When I played the song for Garth, he said, 'Man, that’s a really good song. Very powerful. Do you know the songwriter?' Then I told him that yes, I know Henry, and that he is a Metro Nashville Police Department Sgt. And he said 'You tell him I said he needs to do this song himself in uniform. It needs to be him. He will have the most impact with this song. He has some healing he can do with this song.’” 

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About Sgt. Henry Particelli 

Sgt. Particelli knew he wanted to be a police officer ever since he took an aptitude test in school that suggested he pursue a career in law enforcement. However, this Sault Ste. Ontario, Canada native quickly had those dreams squashed when, at the time, Canada required that all officers have uncorrected 20/20 vision. Consequently, he set out on a career that would traverse through a variety of entrepreneurial, sales and labor positions. Simultaneously, since his teen years, Henry had been penning songs and playing guitar. He won the Northern Ontario Great Northern Opry competition in 1994 and boarded a Greyhound bus for Nashville to pursue a career as a singer/songwriter a few months later. In the early 2000s, he released his debut project and had a single peak at #26 on the Canadian Country Charts under the name Rick Henry. His passion for law enforcement was re-ignited when he took on a side hustle as a bounty hunter. By the late 2000s, Henry shifted music to the back burner and turned his efforts to securing a position in law enforcement. He qualified and graduated from the Metro Nashville Police Academy in 2010 just a few weeks shy of his 41st birthday - the oldest rookie in the class. He quickly rose from patrol to a FLEX unit and Crime Suppression Unit before landing a spot on the Gang Unit that would permanently change his career projection. During his second week on the Gang Unit while trying to apprehend a fleeing suspect, Henry's leg was broken in several places and his ankle sustained severe injuries. Ten months and four surgeries later, he refused the injured on duty pension and returned to work despite doctors advising him otherwise. After completing the assessment process, he was promoted to sergeant in January 2016 and landed his current position in the community affairs office the following year. Performing on the televised broadcast of a funeral for fallen OfficerJohn Anderson in Nashville, Henry landed on the radar of The Sound Emporium's President Juanita Copeland. The two started The Good Guys Foundation to assist the families of fallen law enforcement officers and those who have suffered career-ending injuries across the nation. Henry penned his current release, the emotive song "Your Name," during a time period when he was already scheduled to be in the studio finishing another project. Copeland quickly added the song to an upcoming session and has continued to work alongside Particelli to share its important and powerful message with a world in need of empathy and unity.


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