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Sister Hazel Band Members Trapped in Elevator in Houston

Platinum-selling band, Sister Hazel, had an eventful Saturday afternoon when they were trapped in an elevator for nearly two hours at the Hilton Hotel in Houston, Texas. The band was heading to their rooms after sound check for a private gig in the Houston area when the elevator jammed. They tried to make the best of everyone's worst nightmare and documented the experience on their social media here. The band tweeted out, "Stuck in the elevator for quite a while now @HiltonHotels in North Houston... At least we’re still smiling.. For now." The Hilton Hotels official Twitter account responded, "Good to see spirits are high and everyone is staying positive and getting good wi-fi service so everyone can stay entertained. And we see you packed refreshments as well. Good job you all!! Now, if you can let us know WHERE you are we'd love to come let you out!" An hour later the band announced, "We’re free! Although the plan was to lower us to the ground and get us out... All of a sudden it shot up to the 15th floor and the door opened... So we all bailed out- hugged- and hit the STAIRS." Hilton Hotels responded, "Thank you for confirming you are now safe and sound, it seems you all have amazing reflexes, who said life on the road was ever dull and monotonous. We hope the rest of your stay is without hiccups! We believe the stairs should stay right where they are at least."


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