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Sister Hazel Rescues Six Abandoned Kittens Trapped in Tour Bus

Platinum-selling band, Sister Hazel, discovered six adorable kittens trapped in their tour bus last weekend after making an over 800-mile journey from Nashville to Florida. Lead singer and guitarist for the band, Ken Block, described it as, "the CRAZIEST thing ever!" The kittens were under the band's tour bus that left Nashville, TN on Wednesday, July 3 for a nine hour drive to Destin, FL on July 4th, then a six hour drive to Ocala, FL where they were discovered on July 5. The kittens are available for adoption at Melissa Bell's Rescue.

Block recalled, "One of our crew guys came into the venue last Friday afternoon and told Kurt Pfister, our production manager, he heard a weird noise coming from somewhere in the bus that sounded like cats. Kurt told him we have been having problems with the air compressor and that’s probably what it was. He went out, heard something, shut everything down on the bus, and shockingly heard meowing. The cries were tracked down to the front battery compartment of the bus where it was opened to find SIX kittens. Kurt then called the bus owner to get some advice about the easiest way to get to three of them that we couldn’t reach. The owner then told him that the mother cat lives in an old abandoned bus on the tour bus company's parking lot in Nashville, TN and she had six kittens a couple of weeks ago. So she must have moved them into our bus. Luckily, one of the employees of the venue in Ocala, FL runs an animal rescue, so she took them to get fed and checked out!! They seemed okay, but I can’t imagine how loud and windy it was when the bus was on the road!"

Melissa Bell's Rescue stated, "They are really precious and love to eat. We are currently bottle feeding them and likely for another week or so until they can start to drink from a shallow plate. Then we move to wet food around seven weeks, then to kibble after that. They have had their first dose of Strongid, which is a wormer, and they all had baths two nights ago. They don't need their heating pad anymore since they can now better regulate their body temperature. They are doing really well and the one black one along with the fluffy brown/tan one, are the two loudest!"

We want to encourage fans to reach out to Melissa Bell's Rescue if they are interested in adopting the new Hazel Head kittens! Fan's can also make a monetary contribution, a food or litter donation, or a formula donation here.


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