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Sister Hazel's New EP, Water, Debuts on Billboard's Top Country & Independent Albums Chart

Platinum-selling band, Sister Hazel, are making a splash with their new EP, Water, as the album debuted at #4 on Billboard’s Top Country Albums chart and #2 on the Independent Albums chart.  

"It's so nice to see the literal “vote” of confidence from our fans," commented Jett Beres, bass player for the band. "We love our Hazelnuts!"  

The six-track EP is Volume I of a collectible compilation series titled, “Elements,” and includes a bonus seventh track that will continue throughout the series. Water is available HERE for purchase and streaming via all major retailers.

The new EP has been embraced by Digital Journal, Country Music Tattle Tale, Rare Country, Charleston Daily, and many more... 

On its six-song EP "Water," Sister Hazel's cup truly runneth over with strong harmonies and go-down-good vibes. Tunes like "Roll On Bye" and "Shelter" have the sonic zen of instant Hazel classics, and such songs as "First Time" and "I Stayed For the Girl" deliver strong sentiments with memorable lyrics. The group also makes room for one of its most poignantly heartfelt songs, "You Won't See Me Again," which, inspired by a loved-one's loss due to alcohol, offers a much-needed reminder that hope is never completely beyond one's grasp, no matter how dire things seem at the time. All in all, the first line of the opening tune "Roll On Bye" sums up this entire outing  by the band. "C'mon in, the water's fine," they sing right off the bat, sure in the knowledge that a dive-in will be worth it. And it is. Bill Dean, The Gainesville Sun

"Sister Hazel's new LP, 'Water' is eerily reminiscent of the sounds from past rock legends, Glenn Frey and Tom Petty. Ken Block's passionate lyrics and touching singing style coupled with the rest of the band's powerful performance resurrects those stars and places them in a rockabilly light, especially in the track, "Roll on Bye." It is this LP where the members of Sister Hazel let their hair down and open up to their fans without losing their platinum touch, but, rather, allowing their collaborative styles to shine." Ed Zagorski, Watertown Daily Times

The country/rock/indie group proves that good music is timeless and honesty and vulnerability are the keys to sustainability....'Water' proves why it’s the key component of all living things." Lindsey Sipe, The Country Note  

About Sister Hazel:

Originating from Gainesville, FL, Sister Hazel is comprised of five gifted, seasoned musicians whose well-spring of natural talent has been called "one of the Top 100 Most Influential Independent Performers of the last 15 years" by Performing Songwriter Magazine. Song "All for You" topped the adult alternative charts during the summer of 1997 and the success propelled their album to platinum status. In their first showing on the country music charts they made a strong debut with “Lighter In The Dark” at #4 onBillboard’s Top Country Albums chart, #6 on Billboard’s Independent Albums chart, #30 onBillboard's Top Current Albums chart and #79 on the Billboard 200 album chart. The band landed on Billboard’s Top Country Albums Chart again in 2016 with “Unplugged From Daryl's House Club” at #75. In 2018, “Water,” Volume I of a collectible compilation series titled, “Elements,” landed on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart at #4 and at #2 on Billboard’s Independent Albums chart along with making their debut on the most revered stage in country music, the Grand Ole Opry. Living up to their fan-centered reputation, the band was a pioneer in the themed cruise industry by co-founding "The Rock Boat" and annually hosts events like the “Hazelnut Hang,” and " Camp Hazelnut" that focuses on creating unique experiences and interacting with the fans. Sister Hazel has been equally attentive to connecting with their audience through social media having amassed over a million social followers. In addition to the events and touring, the band also gives back with “Lyrics For Life.” Founded by singer Ken Block, the charity unites musicians and celebrities for concerts and auctions to benefit cancer research and patient-care charities.


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