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Slice Off a Piece for National Meatloaf Day with Metro Diner

Time to celebrate an American icon… The Meatloaf! Dating back to the mid-1800’s, this quintessential dish has remained the all-American meal and to honor National Meatloaf Appreciation Day on Sunday, October 18, the comfort food experts at Metro Diner are here to teach your readers how to recreate their famous griddle-seared meatloaf dish at home.

Metro Diner Iron City Meatloaf recipe:


· Meatloaf Mix

· ½ onion                                                Chopped Onion

· 1 carrot                                                Chopped Carrot

· 2 ribs celery                                        Chopped Celery

· 6 medium mushrooms                   Sliced Mushrooms

· 1 each                                                   Egg

· 1 TBS                                                     Worcestershire

· Pinch                                                     Salt

· Pinch                                                     Pepper

· 1 cup                                                     Breadcrumbs

· 1-pound                                                Ground Beef

· ½ pound                                               Ground Turkey

· ½ pound                                               Ground Pork

· As Needed                                           Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Side Vegetable and Side Bread


1. Pulse onion, carrot, celery and mushroom in a food processor.

2. Combine all remaining ingredients and place in a meatloaf pan (or two depending on size)

3. Bake at 350 degrees for one hour or until completely cooked.

4. Remove from pan and slice into 1-inch thick pieces.

5. In a very hot sauté pan, add a bit of oil and sear each side of the meatloaf slices before serving.

6. Enjoy with mashed potatoes and gravy, side vegetable and some hot crusty bread.


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