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Vivek Surti’s South Asian American restaurant secures only spot for Nashville in Thrillist’s list of 12 best new restaurants

On the heels of earning a coveted spot on Bon Appétit’s Hot 10 list of America’s best new restaurants, Tailor has earned another prestigious accolade as Thrillist released its list of Best New Restaurants in America. Tailor is the only Nashville restaurant to be included amongst the 12 best new restaurants nationwide.

"We are so honored to be named one of the Best Restaurants in the country by Thrillist,” said Vivek Surti, culinary creator of Tailor. "Erin Murray captured our story so eloquently. Tailor - to me - is so much more than a restaurant. Tailor is a place where we are able to share the stories of our family - our history in India, the food culture of the subcontinent, how my parents immigrated to the states and what it means to grow up as a First Generation American. Tailor is a place where our employees are our greatest assets. We are more than happy to teach, encourage and grow our staff. But we are also there to help, console and support the people that make us a working family. Tailor is a place that aims to showcase the best of Nashville, whether it’s our long time food culture and traditions, our focus on ensuring every guest leaves happier than when they came in, our farmers and producers who work so hard over the year to provide us with great ingredients and product and our guests who take the time out of their schedules to share a meal with us. There is so much more to our city that we can’t wait to share. Tailor is a place that despite everything else going on, you can have a seat at the dinner table, relax and let us feed you like you are in our home. We are so humbled by the accolades this year. As we start service this week, we’ll keep doing what we do, which is get a little better every single day.”

Thrillist’s inclusion of Tailor on this list included raving anecdotes about the dinner experience, rightfully noting its “Indian tasting menu is theater with a pedigree.” The review continues with pro tips about the best seats in the house and how Surti can memorably pop a bottle of bubbly as it reads, ”Once you've ogled the massive crystal chandelier lifted right from chef Vivek Surti's family home, grab the best seats in the house -- four bluebird leather chairs set up at the side bar. From there, sneak a photo of Surti as he shpiels about dishes and heritage while you munch on sorghum-dusted popcorn or dig into a bowl of okra and yogurt soup. Or capture a snap of the Rajasthani sword mounted to the wall -- ask Vivek nicely and the sabrage pro may even use it to saber open your bottle of bubbles.”

The article quotes both of Surti’s parents, Lata and Tarun, a fitting tribute to Surti’s commitment to honoring the familial legacy at Tailor by carrying on the traditions of his culture. His father Tarun is quoted in the article as saying, “He has the blessing of his ancestors. They couldn’t be more proud.” The full coverage of Thrillist’s Best New Restaurants in America can be found at

For eleven months, Tailor has been serving up memorable experiences through an inspired rotating seasonal menu, relatable vignettes told by Surti about each dish as a palate cleanser between courses and the best high-touch service Nashville has to offer. Reservations to experience Tailor can be made online at at 6 p.m. and 8:30 every Thursday through Sunday. To inquire about private dining or to order a gift certificate, email

About Tailor Nashville

Tailor Nashville offers a simple, timeless dining experience that emulates an intimate dinner party in the way it fills both the bodies and souls of its guests. Culinary Creator Vivek Surti honors his heritage through the South Asian American cuisine that is representative of Surti being a first generation American of Indian descent. At Tailor Nashville, guests are welcomed and enjoy eight to ten dishes that are explained by the chefs with high touch service. Tailor offers two seatings at 6 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. Thursday – Sunday, and reservations for the dinner party must be made in advance online at


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