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Tanya Tucker's Cosa Salvaje Tequila has customized an exclusive signature pink bottle to honor and support breast cancer survivors year-round as the tequila brand partners with the Tennessee Breast Cancer Coalition. Tucker has always been an advocate for women's health issues and will be donating a portion of the proceeds from all of the signature pink bottles made.

"I’m so very proud to be partnering with the Tennessee Breast Cancer Coalition. All my life I’ve worked hard to perfect the gift I was given - it’s always a challenge. But nothing compared to the struggles these women have every day, fighting to live, stay with their families and care for their children. To be there as they grow and to help guide them through their lives. I want to help them DO that! I want to be a part of finding a cure. I hope that every sip brings us closer to that glorious day when the suffering halts and the living begins. Together we can win!" Tanya shared about the partnership.

Cosa Salvaje has customized their signature pink tequila bottles with a black leather strap bearing an embossed pink ribbon for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Each bottle is embellished with a quote from Tucker that reads, "This bottle is dedicated to all the women fighting breast cancer. Together...we can win!"

“October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we look forward to working with Tanya to bring awareness to the financial difficulties associated with a diagnosis of breast cancer. 65 percent of Americans list unexpected medical expenses as their top financial concern and healthcare-related costs cause bankruptcy every 30 seconds. The financial burden of breast cancer is real and not just in October," shared Executive Director of the Tennessee Breast Cancer Coalition, Jami Wright Eller.

“Tanya and I both believe that if we all do our part, big or small, we will be able to help conquer breast cancer. Being involved with the Tennessee Breast Cancer Coalition makes us feel like we are one step closer," CEO/Founder of Cosa Salvaje, Elle France said.

Murray Levesque, U.S. National Sales Director, and his team at Aiko Importers has brought it to 14 States and counting. They continue to help build the brand both nationally and internationally. Levesque has taken much pride in the expansion and skyrocketing growth of Cosa Salvaje.

Tanya, a two-time 2020 GRAMMY® winner, enjoys drinking the succulent cocktail with fresh ruby red grapefruit juice and a touch of pulp. Cosa Salvaje translates as “wild thing” in Spanish. “I used to be a wild thing, now I just drink a wild thing! I truly love the taste of Cosa Salvaje Tequila. What’s even more important to me is how the agave and distilling process is environmentally conscious, so we’re taking care of our planet too,” Tanya shared.


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