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The demand for Tanya Tucker's Cosa Salvaje Tequila continues to expand across the U.S. and Canada with retailers carrying the exclusive tequila in stores across North America, including Arizona, California, Colorado, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas. See full list of locations, distributors and stores below.

"Since we launched Tanya Tucker's Cosa Salvaje Tequila in early 2019, tequila connoisseurs to everyday people have raved about the flavorous taste without the 'bite' some tequilas have. It's perfect for sipping for even non-tequila drinkers and we know that's why new customers are demanding the product," CEO/Founder Elle France said.

Tanya Tucker's Cosa Salvaje Tequila currently offers Blanca and Extra Anejo tequila. Blanca is an enticing treat that is a true sipping tequila. It is bottled fresh from the still, with a slight sweet cooked agave finish. Extra Anejo is subtle and elegant, with 5 years of maturation in French white oak barrels. It holds a dark amber color and mezcal of sweet aromas, excellent toasted flavor and vanilla notes. The bottles are truly a work of art, handmade out of recycled glass along with an embossed leather strap with Tanya's logo.

“I’ve had the good fortune of helping launch many brands in the spirits industry, and the ones that worked best have 3 things in common: First, they have a founder who believes to their core in what they’re doing and that’s what we have in Elle. Second, they have a liquid that people love and keep coming back to you and that's what we have in Cosa Salvaje. Third, they have a way to reach consumers and break out from the crowd, and with Tanya Tucker on board, we couldn’t ask for better authentic reach. I couldn’t be more excited as we expand this exciting Tequila brand. If you haven’t tried it you must,” said Smoke Wallin, Board Member and Industry Leader.

Tanya, a two-time 2020 GRAMMY® winner, enjoys drinking the succulent cocktail with fresh ruby red grapefruit juice and a touch of pulp. Cosa Salvaje translates as “wild thing” in Spanish. “I used to be a wild thing, now I just drink a wild thing! I truly love the taste of Cosa Salvaje Tequila. What’s even more important to me is how the agave and distilling process is environmentally conscious, so we’re taking care of our planet too,” Tanya shared.


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