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Seed Hospitality Groups Expands Portfolio from Two Ten Jack with Japanese Restaurant, Located in 222 2nd Ave South Building, Across from Ascend Amphitheater

Partners Patrick Burke, Jess Benefield and Trey Burnette of Seed Hospitality Group (Two Ten Jack, Nashville, Chattanooga) are pleased to announce the opening of The Green Pheasant in the heart of downtown Nashville, in the 222 2nd Ave So. Building, across the street from Ascend Amphitheater. The restaurant, scheduled to open in fall 2018, is named after the national bird of Japan - a symbol of power, abundance and promise.

Under the direction of co-chefs Jess and Trey, the aspiration is to honor Japanese culinary traditions while also celebrating regional foodways and ingredients. The Green Pheasant's menu will reflect the chefs' interpretation of seasonal Japanese cuisine, utilizing fish and ingredients sourced directly from Japan as well as continuing to source meats and produce from local farmers, including The Nashville Food Project, Bells Bend Farms, No. 9 Farms and Marmilu Farms, to name a few.

"With The Green Pheasant, we want to continue exploring the interrelationships between Tennessee and Japan's culture and cuisine, in a space unlike any other modern Japanese restaurant, while reclaiming this unique corner of downtown with a locally owned, chef-driven restaurant, " says Burke.

Designed by Powell Design Studio, the 184-seat space will honor the team's commitment to its Nashville community by supporting local fabrication and décor.  Design highlights include a bi-level dining room with two bars and private dining options. The Green Pheasant's beverage program will feature cocktails on tap; Chu Highs, or shochu highballs that are popular in Japan; and an extensive list of sake and shochu under the direction of Kynsey Hunter, a sake expert and long-time Two Ten Jack bartender.


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