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Photo by Laura Allen.

Husband and wife duo The Springs are giving fans a behind-the-scenes of their love story with "bubbly" (Wide Open Country) new single “I’m Gonna Love You,” now available to stream and purchase on all digital platforms. With smooth vocals and unparalleled harmonies, Stewart and Holly Holcomb deliver a powerful message of everlasting love. The song, written by the duo with co-writers Ian McConnell and Lydia Dall and produced by Shayne Hill, premiered exclusively Wednesday (3/25) with Wide Open Country.

Listen to “I’m Gonna Love You” HERE.

“One thing our parents always taught us was that marriage isn’t easy, and it’s ‘for better or for worse,’ Holly told Wide Open Country. “There are definitely times when it’s tough, but this song is exactly how we feel. ‘I’m Gonna Love You’ is 100% about us.” 

“This song is about us in so many ways,” said Stewart. “I have always said, if I lost my voice tomorrow, and could never sing again, I would still be Holly’s husband - and she would still be my best friend. The chorus says, ‘No matter where we are,’ and that’s the truth. We may not be lucky enough to always be in Nashville chasing our dreams, but we will always have each other.”

“I’m Gonna Love You” is the first of several releases the pair has in place for 2020, and the concept video for the song is due out in April. 

About The Springs:

Although they both grew up in Alabama, Holly Helms and Stewart Halcomb of The Springs first met playing the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville. “Up before me was this girl. She sounded great. She was beautiful. I instantly knew I had to talk to her,” says Stewart. Little did they know they would become partners, offstage and on, amassing over one million streams across platforms, and opening for stars like Florida Georgia Line, Kelly Clarkson, Reba, Little Big Town, Eric Church, Alan Jackson, and many more.

When it comes to The Springs, the only real surprise is that it didn’t happen sooner. “It took three or four years before we became a duo,” explains Stewart. “We didn’t pursue anything initially but the more we dated, we realized that we made a great team,” details Holly, “We each have our strengths, and when we put them together, people in the industry noticed.”

Once together, there was no stopping them. Their live shows began to endear them to a rapidly growing fan base; they have made regular appearances at CMA Music Festival; charted on the Billboard Country Chart with their latest release, “Old Fashioned,” hitting #33; and their albums have landed on top 10 lists on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon Music. But perhaps most importantly, the two are now married.

To learn more about The Springs, visit, and follow The Springs on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube

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