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The Sutler Saloon Now Offering Express Lunch Menu in Nashville, TN

spiked lemonades for $5 each

The Sutler Saloon has added an express lunch menu, Monday – Friday, 11-4, with a variety of mix-and-match options for just $9.95.

the new meatloaf patty melt, served with a side for $10.95.

They’re kicking off the weekend right with the addition of live music during Friday lunch as well as spiked lemonades for $5 each. Made with Deep Eddy vodka and fresh lemonade, guests may opt to add fruit and herb flavors (peach, strawberry, blueberry, basil, mint, lavender), also made in house.

The full menu will remain available during lunch.

Address: 2600 8th Ave S #109, Nashville, TN 37204


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