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The Village Prairie: A New Voice in Americana Music with Debut Album "Bolt From the Blue"

Nashville, TN (April 12, 2024) - The Village Prairie, a rising Americana band based in Kansas City, recently released their debut album titled "Bolt From the Blue" (produced by Matt Richards). The album features a unique blend of folk, country, and rock influences, highlighting the band's diverse sound and exceptional songwriting. 

In the wake of profound tragedy, Kyle Aaron sought solace in music. Following the untimely passing of his sister Moira to neuroendocrine cancer on October 23rd, 2022, Kyle channeled his grief into songwriting, giving voice to the complexities of loss and healing. The result is "Bolt From the Blue," an album that serves as a poignant tribute to Moira and a testament to the power of music in navigating life's most profound challenges.

Recorded at Avenue Record Company over the course of a year, "Bolt From the Blue" captures the essence of The Village Prairie's live performances, which have gained them a loyal following in their hometown and beyond. The album's eleven tracks showcase the band's ability to weave intricate harmonies, heartfelt lyrics, and catchy melodies into a cohesive and engaging listening experience.


 Track Listing:

1. Karen

2. Onlyfans

3. 10-1

4. Knew a Guy

5. Walking Slow

6. Language of Love

7. Bolt From the Blue

8. Strawberry Hill

9. Shitty Christmas

10. Life Goes On

11. Bleeding Kansas

 "We're thrilled to release our debut album and share our music with the world," the band shares. "These songs are a reflection of our experiences, both personal and universal, and we hope they resonate with listeners."

 About The Village Prairie: 

The Village Prairie is a band formed by Kyle Aaron in tribute to his late sister, Moira. Together with Dan Kiddle on lead guitar, Nicki White on guitar and vocals, Tony Batenhorst on drums, Joe Mentesana on bass, and Leo Johns on piano, they embarked on a musical odyssey of healing and remembrance. 

The band's debut album, "Bolt From the Blue," is a raw and soul-stirring exploration of grief, love, and resilience. With a sound that blends rock, folk, and country influences, The Village Prairie aims to connect with audiences through the power of music.

You can follow The Village Prairie on Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.



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