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Thirsty Thursday Featuring Briana Domenica

Thank you for chatting with us Briana! Is there anyone in your family that you can credit as being instrumental in your decision to go into the music field? Yes, I definitely credit my mother Susan, and my oldest brother David for being instrumental in my decision to pursue my dreams in music. They always encouraged my music and writing and told me to go after my dreams.

Aside from singing do you play any instruments? No, I have tried to learn piano and guitar but I am a singer through and through!

Where do you draw inspiration from when writing? When writing, I draw inspiration from my faith and life experiences.

If you could have penned a song in any genre what would it have been? There are so many AMAZING songs I wish I could have penned, but the one coming to mind right now is "You Say" by Lauren Daigle.

At the end of the day, what do you hope is the message of your music? What do you hope people take away from your songs? I hope people feel inspired and encouraged after hearing my music. I want listeners to feel a little less alone, that they matter, and are so loved!

What is an example of a menu you would prepare if I came over? I am Italian so I hope you like Italian! For an appetizer, I'd have a charcuterie board with Colameco's salami (my favorite brand), cheese, and some crackers. Dinner would be penne pasta with cherry tomatoes, onions, fresh spinach, and chicken. We can't forget the desserts which would include biscottis, cannolis, and my spumoni cupcakes.

Was there ever music playing in the kitchen growing up? Yes, my parents always had music playing in the kitchen. It was usually Andrea Bocelli, Celine Dion, Tony Bennett, or the Italian classics.

What is your favorite breakfast? It isn't very healthy so I normally only eat it on my birthday or Christmas, but my dad makes this French Toast with Panettone and 100% pure Maple Syrup. It's SO good!!

Where is your favorite place to eat in your hometown? Literally, the first place I want to go to eat when I go home is an Italian restaurant called Sicilian Oven. They have the best food from their coal fire pizzas, my favorites are "The Captain" and "The Calabrese," to their pear pockets and truffle risotto... my mouth is watering just thinking about it, but honestly, no matter what you order there you can't go wrong!

If you could be sponsored by one food/drink brand who would it be and why? It would definitely be a Florida water brand called Zephyrhills because it is my favorite water and I don't like drinking anything else. My friends up here joke with me all the time about me bringing my "special' water with me wherever I go!

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Domenica was born in Falmouth, MA, and raised in south Florida, but has since relocated to Nashville. She started performing at an early age, and in second grade after being cast in a school play she realized her calling to be on stage. By the time Domenica was 17, she knew music was her destiny. Her drive, determination, talent, and faith paved the way, and she was blessed with amazing opportunities including singing at Carnegie Hall and in Disney’s Candlelight Processional at Epcot. Music has also taken her to places she never could have imagined, as Domenica has toured Prague, Vienna, Poland, England, Holland, and Belgium for The Make-A-Wish Foundation. These opportunities provided Domenica with an outlet

enabling her to strengthen her creative skills and express herself. Following ten years of classical voice training, Domenica ventured into other genres and eventually found her passion in Contemporary Christian music, which was a natural fit.

After graduating high school, Domenica began pursuing her musical dreams. In 2019, upon moving to Nashville, she released her first single, "Invisible," followed by her first Christmas single and corresponding music video, "Oh, Night Divine," both of which she co-wrote. She followed up those releases in 2020 with her third album, Warrior In Me, releasing a music video of the same title that exclusively premiered with CCM Magazine, and in 2021 she released a video, "With A Word" with delta folk duo, Crosby Lane (which she co-wrote along with the duo's award-winning singer/songwriter John Lemonis and Keith Ridenour). Domenica especially loves writing songs and signed her first publishing deal with Song Rocket Music in 2019. Every time she puts pen to paper, Domenica gives listeners a piece

of her heart and a look into her soul, in hopes of inspiring and relating to others through the universal language of music. Her songs are centered on her life experiences and her faith. She has also contributed her talents to many great causes including Heart for Recovery, Love in Action, and was recently a featured guest on the renowned Jesus Calling's podcast reaching over 1.5 million followers.


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