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Thirsty Thursday Featuring Brittany Bexton

Thank you for chatting with us Brittany! At the end of the day, what do you hope is the message of your music? What do you hope people take away from your songs? No matter what you go through, God is with you, there is hope, and you have a good future waiting for you. I truly believe that music has power to heal, and reach places in our hearts that we may not have even known needed healing until we're confronted with the right song. I've walked through a lot in my life, but music was always one of my safe places. It was my living musical diary, and the place that I processed my feelings, and healed. And I hope that my songs bring healing and hope to other people the way they have to me.

How was it filming the video for "Believe Again?" It was a different process for me. I've done videos in the past, but always had other actors in them with me as well. this one was just me (and my pups made an appearance). But the song is really about a healing journey with God I went on, so that's what it needed to be. We had a lot of fun filming this video, and there was some symbolism I had in mind for it from the beginning that we were able to pull off. It's the first video I've really danced in, which was fun, and means I get to show my fans a different side of me that used to be a big part of my life. We also did a baptism scene, which was probably one of the hardest scenes to film, because we had to make sure we got all the shots we needed before the dunk, because once that happened, there was no going backwards. Overall we had a lot of fun putting it together, and I'm really excited to share it with the world.

What’s your advice for young artists trying to establish a name for themselves? Especially young females that may see you as a role model. No matter what anyone offers you, do not compromise yourself, or your values. At the end of the day, who you are and your integrity is what you go home with. This business is a rough one. It doesn't matter how good you are, you will experience a lot of rejection. Time on the road can be really lonely, and there may be a lot of people who say they're in your corner, who at the end of the day aren't. What you have is you and God. Going home at the end of the night, knowing you did your best and were true to yourself, being able to look in the mirror and know that you've walked in integrity, that's what will keep you going in the difficult times. That's also what will make your music that much better in the good times. There is no opportunity worth compromising yourself. And the right people, and opportunities will not ask you to compromise yourself. Work hard and be intentional, but remember to take breaks and have fun too. Some of the best opportunities come from down time, not work time. Don't worry about what anyone else is doing, just keep making music you love and are proud of. music is subjective. Some people will love you, you won't be other people's cup of tea, but there is a place for all music. And there is never a time a music fan doesn't want more music to consume and enjoy. Your only competition is motivating yourself to keep going. Take time to build a healthy community around you, pray, stay close to God, or build a relationship with Him, and build a support system at home. There's a lot of beauty and joy in the music business, but there's also a lot of crazy around it, and when you are hurting and vulnerable, it's important to have a place to go, and safe people to talk to.

Which song off of your EP is the most dear to you and why? "BELIEVE AGAIN." I wrote BELIEVE AGAIN about my journey healing from PTSD and learning to trust God again, and rebuild my faith. It was a brutal process, but it was so worth it. Healing for me was a combination of a mental approach in trauma based counseling, and a spiritual approach, in really digging into God's word, unravelling lies, and learning to trust God and really walk in faith again. For a long time during the healing process I still had trauma triggers regularly, which were basically emotional flashbacks for me. The day I wrote this song, I had gotten really triggered. I had a co-write scheduled with my friend Erica Sunshine Lee. We had never written together before, and as I was driving to meet her, feeling like a train wreck emotionally, I was like, what on earth are we going to write today, especially when I feel like this, and I heard "You are going to write learning to believe again, because that's what you are doing. So that's what we did! We both knew right away it was a special song, and I knew it would be my next single, but it took a while to get to the release date. This song was like a healing balm for my heart at the time. Not just writing it, but also singing it. I sang it all the time when we first wrote it, and when we did, I would feel a peace come over me. I really believe this song will matter to other people in the same way. Singing it live, I have gotten to see the way it touches people's hearts, and I can't wait for that to grow.

What is one thing you can tell us that most people don’t know about you and might surprise us? When I was in high school I sang in jazz choir, and my jazz choir got to go to a special festival that was invitational only, in New York City. After a week of jazz workshops, the festival finished with us singing in Carnegie Hall, and I got to sing a solo in our jazz choir set. So, when I was about 15 years old I got to sing in Carnegie Hall.

Where do you draw inspiration from when writing? My own life experiences, the experiences of friends, things I see and observe in the world around me, and of course God. Some songs come so easily, you know it couldn't be anything but divine inspiration. Sometimes I write story songs, sometimes they're my own stories, and sometimes they're other peoples stories. Sometimes I process feelings and life experiences through music. Sometimes I write a song as a gift and encouragement to someone I care about to let them know they are loved. Sometimes I write songs that are just fun, cause we all need time to laugh and dance. And sometimes I write songs for just the purpose of worshipping God. But they all come from living, and experiencing life.

What is an example of a menu you would prepare if I came over? I love cooking a variety of foods, but I really love seafood and have been on a fish kick lately. So, if I was going to prepare dinner for you, and a multi-course meal, we would start with brie cheese, crackers, and fruit. Then for the main course, Chilean sea bass, pan seared with a golden brown crust, topped with butter lemon caper sauce, with Mashed potatoes, and fresh roasted asparagus. Then we would finish with a complimentary dessert like an almond pear tart with custard.

Was there ever music playing in the kitchen growing up? Yes, I love having music on while I'm cooking or doing housework. And I grew up like that too. My family would tell you, there was rarely a time I wasn't singing. I love all kinds of music, but one of my favorites while cooking is Motown. It's happy, and fun to dance to, and who doesn't like to cook and dance at the same time?

What is your favorite breakfast? Savory crepes. I grew up next door to a French family and we would have crepes together, and they also took me to France with them when I was a kid. Often we would have crepes together for dinner, but they are delicious for breakfast too. My favorite kind are simple ham, egg, and cheese with some fresh tomatoes tossed on top.

What's your favorite family recipe? We have a stuffing recipe that my family has always made at thanksgiving that I love!! And it is very different than any other stuffing I have ever had. It's a meat based stuffing. There are bread crumbs and seasoning as well, but it's a delightful mix of sausage, beef and bacon with the other goodies, and it is so delicious!! It never feels like thanksgiving if I don't get to have it.

Finally, if you could be sponsored by one food/drink brand who would it be and why? Probably Bubbly, because I drink so much sparkling water that it's actually a little bit ridiculous. And I love all of the Bubbly flavors. I can't say I've ever had a flavor of Bubbly sparkling water that I didn't enjoy.

Brittany Bexton grew up with Aretha Franklin, Motown, and rock and roll as the soundtracks that influenced her musical palate. She began her career as a youngster performing in hometown choirs and the theatre. Brittany studied music intently in high school and took vocal lessons with four master teachers. She attended Pacific Conservatory Theater (PCPA) where she studied acting, singing and dancing, and worked in professional musical theater. In 2011, the determined Northern California native moved to Nashville to dedicate her concentrations toward her music as a full-time endeavor.

Since her relocation to Music City, Brittany has released two CDs (a self-titled album and an EP titled FREE FALL); she has toured to perform at fairs and festivals in 18 states (performing at Fiddler's & Fiddleheads Festival/Oconto County Fair/Gogebic County Fair/Sonoma County Fair/Wyoming West Festival) sharing the spotlight with Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Craig Wayne Boyd, Jason Sellers and Sarah Buxton among others. In Nashville, Brittany has played at special events and venues including 12th & Porter, The Rutledge and The Amethyst Affair. As an active advocate against domestic abuse, Brittany works closely with various charities and affiliated organizations dedicating her time to lend assistance in awareness campaigns throughout the year. In addition to the US, her music has enjoyed airplay in the UK and Europe.


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